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Obama Owns Them

Obama Owns Them

I haven’t had so much fun since never

Oh, and no, you can’t get your money back. He broke you, now he owns you.

If I were you, I’d stay home in November. It’s all you have Left.

Update: Ed Driscoll asks to Pass the Popcorn.

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It's the same crew who tried to manufacture a controvery about an imaginary eye roll who are now whining to each other because the president is sick of hearing them whine. It's a great day.

The right is sick of their whining, the independents are sick of their whining, moderate Democrats are sick of their whining, and now Baghdad Bob is sick of their whining.

Let's hope they succeed in ripping apart whatever remains of the Democratic Party by Nov. 2.

After reading the Firedoglake post, I poured some wine to savor the whine.

The poster in the end complained about Obie not doing enough for unions because her husband has to work for a non-union boss, whaaah. WTF is she talking about, IT'S ALL ABOUT THE UNIONS at the WH.

It reminds me of the 18 month lay off, my union neighbors have been enjoying in their yard and on their boat for so long now.

My non-union white collar DH was laid off 7/13. I am proud and thankful to report that after a dozen interviews and 6 headhunters, he has gained employment. 18 business days of white knuckle effort. The private sector doesn't have big daddy union lobbying for bailouts and govt handouts. The middle class has to swim or sink.

Those professional lefties aren't to be shamed by the likes of this administration. Whose the racists now!

I was equally amused, but kept wondering what Gibbs was really trying to do. the intitial rant was not "off the cuff". Gibbs serves up nothing that is not first chewed up, digested and excreted by Axelrod and Rahm. Then I read this in his "inartful" backtrack of the interview: “In November, America will get to choose between going back to the failed policies that got us into this mess, or moving forward with the policies that are leading us out.”

Now I get it. They want to run against GWB again in 2010 because – you know – it worked last time. But they really can’t run against Bush if the best and brightest in their base keep saying that Obama is acting just like Bush. He just wants them to stop making that comparison until after the election.