There he goes again

Greg Sargent — in a post at The Washington Post picked up and spread wide in the blogosphere and by Harry Reid’s campaign — claims that Sharron Angle twice refuses to disavow claim that there are “domestic enemies” in Congress.

The background is that Sargent found (was given?) an audio tape of an Angle radio interview from October 2009 as follows:

MANDERS: We have domestic enemies. We have home-born homegrown enemies in our system. And I for one think we have some of those enemies in the walls of the Senate and the Congress.

ANGLE: Yes. I think you’re right, Bill.

In his first post, Sargent noted that ‘[i]n fairness to Angle, the incendiary remark was made by Manders.”

In Sargent’s current post, about how Angle’s “refuses” to “disavow” the prior comments, Sargent posts the transcript of a more recent Angle interview in which Angle twice explained what she meant in the October 2009 interview:

ANGLE: Well, we were talking about what’s going on in Congress, of course, and the policies that have come out of Congress, and those policies as we’ve all seen over the last 18 months have definitely hurt our country.

*     *     *

ANGLE: There is no doubt that the policies that have been coming out in the last 18 months have injured us, and injured us most specifically here in Nevada.

So, reading the transcript in Sargent’s column, it is clear that Angle explained that she was referring to harmful policies.  There is nothing in Angle’s comments or clarification which suggests what Sargent (and the Reid campaign) wants to suggest about Angle, that she is advocating violence against members of Congress.

And you would know that if you read the text of the transcript in Sargent’s column, rather than the headline and campaign spin.

Why does Sargent “refuse” to “disavow” his inaccurate spin?

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