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Eradication of the American Memory

Eradication of the American Memory

Ronald Reagan’s final speech as President, sometimes known as the “Shining City Upon A Hill” speech.

But the speech was so much more. Incredible foresight on the eradication of the American memory (at 2:50), coming true before our very eyes.

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Hope you enjoy our Independence Day, Patriot Prof!

If only we could clone Reagan.

Happy 4th of July! Thanks for the video; I am young enough to say that I probably saw that speech, but I don't remember it – I was too busy trying to work hard and get ahead. I thank all who were – and are! – part of the "Reagan Revolution!!" You have paved a way for us, the "new patriots," to know where we need to go, and how to get there! Thanks to all those who served, and serve; thanks to you, Professor, for this great post!!!

I am ashamed to admit that I hated Ronald Reagan when he was President.

I am ashamed to admint that I cheered when he was shot.

I was young, idealistic, foolish.

May his soul Rest in Peace now with the knowledge that he inspired – and still inspires – those that yearn for freedom (even if we understood it late).