Dana Milbank argues that conservatives are hypocritical in seeking government involvement in the Gulf oil cleanup, Through oil-fouled water, big government looks better and better:

There is something exquisite about the moment when a conservative decides he needs more government in his life….

It may have taken an ecological disaster, but the gulf-state conservatives’ newfound respect for the powers and purse of the federal government is a timely reminder for them. As conservatives in Washington complain about excessive federal spending, the ones who would suffer the most from spending cuts are their own constituents.

Yes, Dana, “limited federal government = no federal government and no state government.”

So that if conservatives believe that the federal government should play a role in handling an environmental maritime disaster affecting an entire region, that means the federal government gets to force individuals to purchase health insurance under terms and conditions set by regulators in Washington.

Right? Isn’t that where you are going with this?

Now I get Dana Milbank’s idea of intellectual consistency.

It’s the same argument Obama makes all the time, setting up a strawman argument about how “some people” say “we should do nothing” in order to justify comprehensive federal government control.

The following also may come as a surprise: Even conservatives understand that maritime affairs traditionally are within the purview of federal jurisdiction, see Article I, Sections 8 – 10 and Article III, Section 2 of the document known as the United States Constitution.

Ever hear of it?

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