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I Will Not

I Will Not

post about it (yet). Link to it (yet). Sneak it into a post about something else (yet).

Because you already know about it.

And you know what I am talking about.

(Comments are now open.)

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Since the field is sooooooooooo wide open, it is hard to tell what "it" is. I am going to need a hint.

The proper response.

[If only because they will hurt themselves worse than we can.]

I suppose it's too much to think you'd announce your race against Maurice Hinchey.

He likes boyz. Rehash of rumored affair with girl = misdirection?

All I can think of is the new assault on freedom of speech or
the acquiesence of the US to Iran being a member on the UN Council of Women or
the inadequacy of the reaction to the oil spill or,
the MSM nonsense about the May Day protests or,
that you think a differnt horse should have won the Kentucky Derby.

@Paul – If I gave you a hint, I would be violating my sacrosanct pledge. You wouldn't want me to do that, would you (yet)?

@paul a'barge – I can neither confirm nor deny that I was referring to that link.

There were at least 8 good items on the news just today that were worth linking to. At least give us the source. 🙂

When was the last time the National Enquirer got anything right?

@RG – Good one, dude.

Rielle Hunter and John Edwards ring a bell?

Hey RG —

Rush Limbaugh on oxycodin
Gary Hart and Monkeybusiness
Bill Clinton and Jennifer Flowers
John Edwards and Reille what's her name

The National Enquirer is a hell of a lot more accurate than the NY Times. Although that is a pretty low bar.

Oh come now! You know in your hearts that our host is thinking of Massa. 🙂

Hint…it wasn't Vera…

As soon as you post about it, link to it, or hint about it, I am sure I'll think, "Ahhhhh, so THAT'S what he was talkin' about!" Can't wait to know……relishing the possibilities! 🙂

Sissy! He goes both ways, girl. (Think Donald Young, Larry Sinclair…)

I was thinking the Harvard email fracas…

Um, you need to read Hill Buzz before Enquirer. Or maybe after. Whichever, Hill Buzz makes more sense. Just sayin'.

I'm not talking about it, either. But No Sheeples Here is.

This could be a daily open thread. From any whores or gay fellows to George Soros and the Democrat Party of this Country, shame on anyone condoning the downfall of America by supporting this man. Even his family and anyone who so much as offers him a glass of water. Shun them with the Truth every chance you get!

Let me see what has been big in the news:

1. Fizzled bomb near offices of Comedy Central in NYC – move along no terrorist relationship… sure….

2. Explosion on oil rig…. knowledge of how explosion happened and are the North Koreans involved… that one is just rumor…

3. Footage of Dr. U with Donald Young has surfaced… oops that is not what National Enquirer said… Vera Baker? She denies that there was any affair back in 2004.

4. Riots in Arizona… Tea Partiers accused of smashing windows… NO WAIT.. it was Anarchists… 200 of them that were part of a violent demonstration… that broke off from the main group and smashed windows (including coffee shop) and did other damage to businesses… Darn those tea partiers….!!!! //sarc off

5. Pipe bomb found at the finish line of marathon race…. hmmm… now that one has very little in the way of press… those nasty Baptists have to be stopped from their acts of terror or the Riot Squad will be marched in again……

Ok I give up… what is it?

It's Obama cheating on his wife.

I think the Hillbuzz team is probably right on here…that perhaps Vera is a pre-emptive mega "beard". See how much he loves women?

It's also a pile of crap. The Hillbuzz boys met Vera and are 100% convinced she wasn't involved with him. I tend to trust their instincts on stuff like this.

Oh my – you mean Professor that you are thinking of something not PC? You have garnered more comments on this hollow hook than on any other. Look ashamed! LOL

Professor, you know you want to!


Uber: "I think the Hillbuzz team is probably right on here"

Some of us have pointed out the track record of the National Enquirer.

Can you please point out the cases where the National Enquirer was wrong and where this Hillbuzz got it right? Please.

Well paul…

I don't know if there are occurrences where these two entities crossed paths before now on an issue.

But the HillBuzz team…being FROM Chicago…knows Chicago politics and they know Vera. They also know a lot more about Obama's life in Chicago than most do and they've paid attention to who he is and what he does.

So I trust their instincts on stuff like this because they live there and they know their politics…and they also know about the skeletons in various politicians' closets that have not now nor may they ever really fully see the light of day.

The story the NE is spinning is not new nor is there anything added to it since it first "broke" in 2008. So why is it coming out (pardon the pun) again? Why now?

That is the question.