Earlier today, about 3000 visits ago, I passed 2 million visits since the start of this blog in mid-October 2008. The 1 million mark was passed in late September 2009 after 11.5 months, and the second million just 4 months later.

I missed it earlier today because I do not pay much attention to these meaningless traffic statistics. I just don’t focus on traffic, rarely think about traffic, and frankly, don’t care about traffic. I’m just as happy on a quiet traffic day when the traffic is light due to low traffic.

If I cared about traffic, I’d extend heartfelt thanks to Instapundit, Michelle Malkin, Ed Morrissey and Allahpundit, and numerous others who send me traffic. But since I don’t care about traffic, I hope they’ll understand why I failed to send a card.

That’s about it. I’ll let this minor milestone pass without further mention. Because I have my priorities straight. Unlike the rest of you.

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