The mainstream media finally is waking up to the under-the-radar social media revolution which hid in plain sight in the Massachusetts Senate special election. As reported by the Wall Street Journal:

A study [embedded below] conducted by the Emerging Media Research Council out today found that Brown had a more effective strategy of using social networking tools including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to promote his campaign and connect with supporters….

The study concludes that Brown’s use of social media helped in several ways, including boosting his name recognition both in and out of Massachusetts.

As documented here numerous times, and by Sissy Willis, the effective use of social media was an important part of the Brown victory.

Social media has been important before, particularly in Obama’s campaign, but the role of Twitter in this election was unique.

While Facebook and blogs were important to fundraising and messaging, Twitter is what allowed pro-Brown activists to stay in contact with each other, to feed each other news links, and generally to keep up each other’s spirits at a time when the radar was showing that Brown had no chance.

I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say that this was the first American Twitter revolution.

Social Media Use in the Massachusetts 2010 Senate Special Election

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