Obama’s campaign organization has released a 2-minute video in support of Martha Coakley (via Politico).

The video is very strange. It is way too long for a television commercial, although the Coakley campaign could edit it. If Obama really wanted to put himself on the line for Coakley, he would have appeared in person or at least cut explicit television ads.

The video also is fairly downbeat. There is nothing about Obama’s tone which resembles his campaign speeches, either for himself or for others. He seems almost lethargic and disinterested.

The video also is all about Obama and his agenda. Coakley is the means to achieve Obama’s vision, and Coakley almost is an aside.

To the extent Obama makes a point about the health care agenda, I’m not sure the video helps. The people who are motivated to vote are those who oppose Obamacare, not those who support the monstrous, ideologically compromised Senate bill.

Maybe the lackadaisical nature of the video is purposeful. Obama is voting present. Obama can say he supported Coakley, without actually having supported Coakley if she loses.

(h/t to a commenter)

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