Yesterday, Blue Mass Group posted a misleadingly edited interview with Scott Brown in which Brown, when questioned, said he didn’t know if Barack Obama’s mother was married when Obama was born. That expression of lack of knowledge has led to full meltdown in the left-wing blogosphere, claiming Brown is a “Birther” as I detailed in my post, Coakley Supporters Fabricate Birther Accusation Against Brown.

I don’t care whether Obama’s mother was married, and neither did Brown in his full comments (embedded below), in which he was deflecting criticism of Bristol Palin’s pregnancy. The issue was brought up by the moderator, not by Brown.

Nonetheless, since the left-wing blogs are in full-throttled meltdown over it, a reader tipped me off to someone else who has claimed that Obama’s mother was not married. Here’s the statement by the person:

“Barack saw his mother, who was very young and very single when she had him, and he saw her work hard to complete her education ….”

The person making this statement was Michelle Obama, in a speech you can view here (sorry, no embed available) at 8:55. A description of the speech on this point also is available here.

Again, I couldn’t care less if Obama’s mother was married at the time of his birth, and neither could Scott Brown. But since the left-wing blogs claim that any expression of doubt about the marital status of Obama’s mother makes one a Birther, I expect they promptly will denounce Michelle Obama.

I’ll also wait for their pathetic non-corrections of their posts.


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