Not by me. By an über liberal feminist blogger at HuffPo, Two Black Role Models Done In By Hubris:

In the past few weeks, the two most famous and arguably most successful black men in America have taken a huge fall. It has become clear that both pro golfer Tiger Woods, just named Athlete of the Year by the Associated Press, and the American president, Barack Obama, the first black person to lead the country, suffer from a surfeit of hubris which has finally caught up with them. If both men somehow thought they were untouchable, they have been put to right. Both have crashed to earth and it may well be true that they can never recover their earlier status again.

I’m on board for the “hubris” part, but not the focus on race. After all, Obama is not a Cablinasian, and Obama’s problem is ego not skin color. And the HuffPo blogger doesn’t salvage anything by playing the liberal racial pity card:

It is tragic when an icon falls. When a black icon stumbles the tragedy seems doubly problematic. Mike Tyson, Magic Johnson, and Michael Jackson were all at the tops of their fields before revelations that made them less palatable as heroes and less of a role model for young black men.

Drop the race aspect. It’s a distraction.

I’m content saying Tiger threw it all away because of personal demons he needs to address, and Obama is throwing it all away because he seems to believe his own BS. The only thing they have in common is …. nothing that has anything to do with their race.

Rightwingsparkle has some similar thoughts.

Now I’ll turn to reading the HuffPo blogger’s book, Desire:

If we never speak of our deepest desires, we still have them—we have always had them. Here, in this anthology, women who have agreed to reveal their desires are beginning a confession in general. But this beginning is just that. My hope is that you will read the essays here and some of them will resonate with your own desires, or at least inspire you to think about what some of your deeper desires are. I wish for these essays to encourage women everywhere to start speaking up about what they want.

I think the HuffPo blogger should stick to what she knows.

Welcome Instapundit-ers, keep an eye on the Mass. Senate race: Complaint Against SEIU In Mass. Senate Race

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