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News Flash – Small Unpopular Fringe Party Wins In Virginia – UPDATE – And New Jersey

News Flash – Small Unpopular Fringe Party Wins In Virginia – UPDATE – And New Jersey

News Flash — Republican Bob McDonnell has been projected the winner of the Virginia Governor’s race. Proving that even a small, unpopular, fringe party which does not appeal to moderates or independents, can win over a large, popular, mainstream party.

The secret? More votes. Particularly from moderates and independents:.

The exit polls showed that nearly a third of voters described themselves as independents — the crown jewel of elections because they often determine outcomes — and they preferred McDonnell by almost a 2-1 margin over Deeds.

Damn, the progressives hate when that happens.

Particularly when all those “ordinary schmucks” voted in a state with a deep “pool” of white male progressives who voted for Obama just one year ago. Like Virginia.

UPDATE:  Is it too early to re-post The Revolt of the Kulaks Has Begun?

UPDATE No. 2:  And now New Jersey falls into the small unpopular fringe party column.
Elsewhere on the net:  Michelle Malkin has a ballot watch going.  Sister Toldjah and Patriot Room are live blogging.  Robert Stacy McCain is on the ground in NY-23, running from the state troopers. Dan Riehl and Gateway Pundit are updating frequently.  Don Surber says not to believe the headlines, Obama was a big factor.  JammieWearingFool is going to try to stay up for the New Jersey results, but that might be days and would violate the Geneva Conventions.

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Elections are racist.

Re-post. It's time.

Then hold onto your hat.

News Flash – Small Unpopular Fringe Party Wins In Virginia …… thanks for the laugh this has to be the best headline I have read all night about my states election of the honorable Bob McDonnell…in a landslide.

Change we can believe in.

Fringe party? ROFL

Congrats to all my Un-American, mobster, racist, nazi, teabagger, Stalinist, extremist, wingnut friends for pulling off two big wins.

Ah Maggot, you stole my line! Actually, you said it better anyway…

Hooray for the good guys!