Greg Sargent at The Plum Line blog notes that the Obama campaign apparatus, Organizing for America, has upped its attacks on the media:

This has to be the Obama camp’s most direct and premeditated shot at the media yet: His outside political operation just blasted an email to supporters directly faulting the press for falling down on the job of debunking health care “lies.”

What a strange view of the media’s role. Rather than viewing the media in the traditional sense of a check on government power, the Obama campaign apparatus apparently grew comfortable with the media playing the supportive role of campaign cheerleader.

The complaint now is not that the media is not too critical of Obama, but that it is not sufficiently supportive.

Perhaps the media needs to sit in on the “historic” speech to school children on September 8, and to follow the script to make sure the media is “able to do what President Obama is asking of us.”

(h/t Ed Driscoll for the video)

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