A lot of people are asking “who vetted Van Jones?” or wondering how the Obama administration could have missed the problems. These are valid questions, but they miss the point.

Van Jones is a mainstream member of the left-wing of the Democratic Party. Like over half of all Democrats (as of May 2007) he either believed that George Bush knew about the 9/11 attacks in advance or at least was unsure; he hated George Bush and called Bush bad names; he called Congressional Republicans some bad names; he supported Mumia Abu-Jamal; and he used race as a political weapon.

There is no reason to believe anything was “missed” in the vetting process. To the contrary, it is just as likely that no one paid any attention to these issues precisely because for the left-wing of the Democratic Party these issues are not problems.

Given the silence of the mainstream media, the vetters were mostly correct in their assessment. If not for the conservative blogosphere, all these “problems” would have been no problem at all.

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