I have blogged about the horrendous treatment of Trig Palin by many left-wing bloggers. While making fun of Trig’s Down syndrome makes such attacks particularly disgusting, the point is … leave politicians’ kids alone. Period.

The same holds true for Malia Obama, who has been the subject of attack by some commenters at the Free Republic website after publicized photos of Malia wearing a peace-symbol shirt. As pointed out at Huffington Post, the mainstream media and some left-leaning blogs have participated in hyping the controversy for their own benefit. The person who broke the story is someone who has advocated posting hate speech on right-leaning websites in order to get conservatives blamed for racism, so who knows the true source of these posts.

Obama did not make Malia an issue or use her as a “prop,” which were the excuses used to go after Trig. The children of politicians inevitably appear in public, at campaign events, or in photos, but that does not make them fair game.

Regardless of who is to blame and who hyped what for whatever reason, leave the kid alone. Period.

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