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MSNBC Hides Obama’s Dijon Mustard (aka Dijongate)

MSNBC Hides Obama’s Dijon Mustard (aka Dijongate)

MSNBC, Obama’s favorite network, reported on Obama’s trip with Joe Biden to get a burger. Just two wild and crazy guys out for some red meat. Andrea Mitchell (does she have nothing else to do?) reported that Obama ordered a burger and mustard. Sounds like it had that “real guy kind of quality.”

Mitchell even noted that Obama left a $5 tip in the tip jar. But she didn’t mention one arugula-like fact, and you couldn’t hear it on the MSNBC video because Andrea and her correspondent Kelly O’Donnel (they needed two people to cover this story) were talking so much.

NBC’s regular news reported Obama’s order as follows: “”I’m going to have a basic cheddar cheese burger, medium well, with mustard,” Obama said. “Do you have spicy mustard? I’ll take that.”

Actually, the quote was “you got a spicy mustard or something like that, or a Dijon mustard, something like that” (at 0.55 of the unedited video below without Mitchell’s talkover).

Obama ordered his burger with DIJON MUSTARD! Bet he had to seek John Kerry’s counsel on that.

View more news videos at:

UPDATE: An official name: Dijongate. Burger, cheese, bacon and Grey Poupon mustard? That smells like a scandal to me.

UPDATE No. 2: The cover-up is getting deeper. Here is an MSNBC website version of the video in which they cut off the audio just before the mention of Dijon mustard. The Hell Burger theme of the coverage doesn’t sound so tough when it’s topped off with Grey Poupon:

UPDATE No. 3: There may be addictive behavior involved. Here is one of Obama’s favorite lunch recipes:

President Obama’s Tuna Salad
Grey Poupon mustard
Chopped gherkins<

And here is the video proof. The One loves his Grey Poupon:


UPDATE No. 4: He ordered a cheddar cheese burger with Dijon Mustard on his first flight on Air Force One, and the mainstream media didn’t cover it. You know the sorry state of journalism when People Magazine is the only hard news coverage:

For President Barack Obama’s inaugural flight on Air Force One – taken and filmed when he was still president-elect – he was greeted by a pilot he called “straight out of central casting” and treated to dinner from a select menu.

His meal for the Chicago to Washington, D.C., flight? A medium-well cheeseburger with the fixings, and some fries, of course!

To further personalize his order, Obama requests Dijon mustard (yes, Grey Poupon is fine), lettuce, tomato and some salad or vegetables (in addition to the fries) on the side.

Here is the video proof (listen carefully beginning at 1:05):UPDATE No. 5: The conspiracy of silence on Obama’s allegience to Dijon Mustard goes way back. Remember, it’s the cover-up, not the crime:

In the summer of 1997, as he was finishing his first term in the Illinois State Senate, Barack Obama and a young legislative aide made an exploratory tour of downstate districts. When they stopped at a T.G.I. Friday’s, Obama ordered a cheeseburger, and when the waitress brought his food, he asked for Dijon mustard to go with it. “He doesn’t want Dijon,” the aide insisted, waving the waitress away, and shoving a bottle of French’s Obama’s way. The waitress was confused: “We got Dijon if you want it,” she said.

UPDATE No. 6: Dijongate is spreading like … well, you know. Ed Morrissey is on the case, arguing in favor of mayo (!!??). That’s ok as long as he’s not for Mao. And Urquhart at The Fray on Slate puts it all in perspective (something lost several updates ago) with some links to the originals:

Now I happen to agree with the President. American mustard is crap, and the spicy stuff is better. But this didn’t fit with the narrative of two wild’n’crazy guys going out for a couple of burgers. So they edited the offending condiment out of the report. To give a more flattering soft focus.

Shameless shills, the lot of them. They should be ashamed, except, y’know, they’re shameless.

It also gives me the opportunity to see if Artie’s still around, by linking to two fine Grey Poupon commercials, starring two of my favourite fictional Prime Ministers unbeknownst to American audiences, of course). Would you have any Grey Poupon? and Forward, Reverse.

UPDATE No. 7: It is interesting to watch how unhinged many nutroots blogs have gone over this post. One thing that seems to have gotten under their skin is the use of the Obama Hope poster theme for Grey Poupon. I’d like to claim I thought up the idea, but actually it was used by a very pro-Obama writer at Vanity Fair (to which I linked in Update No. 5):

UPDATE No. 8: My French is very rusty, but I think this means the French are not happy:

UPDATE No. 9: Mary Ann Akers at The Washington Post’s The Sleuth blog has noticed:

Cornell law school professor William Jacobson has been obsessively chronicling what he has dubbed “dijongate” on his blog. “Obama ordered his burger with DIJON MUSTARD! Bet he had to seek John Kerry’s counsel on that,” writes Jacobson.

He, too, notes the alleged cover-up by the mainstream media, noting that Mitchell “didn’t mention one arugula-like fact” – which was that Obama had the gall to ask for Dijon mustard. “You couldn’t hear it on the MSNBC video because Andrea and her correspondent Kelly O’Donnel (they needed two people to cover this story) were talking so much,” says Jacobson.

Why is this “non-story” taking on such a life of its own? If it is a non-story, why does anyone care?

UPDATE No. 10: All further updates will be through the related post, Thou Shall Not Mock Obama’s Mustard

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If you play it slowly in reverse he actually asks if they have any “Grey Poupon” mustard.

So. Tired. of seeing him on TV.

MSM, please continue to bring us these great articles on Obama’s lunches with Joey Pluggs, cool neckties, puppy vetting process, and how he likes to play basketball.

Don’t worry about his attempts to run socialism in through the back door, petty vindictiveness and attempts to squelch all opposing voices, myriad broken campaign promises, mafia-style threats against bondholders, the political smoke-plume coming out of Illinois with Blago, Rahmbo, and Rezko… or even Obama’s dreadful cabinet nominations.

That’s all just a “distraction” from the “historical moment”… and our intentions SHOULD be suspect if we ask to know all the details… right?

Man that guy has got “swagga”

i think that you should get rid of your socialist fire departments, and police and roads too. when you stamp all government programs all will be well.

The false choice Obama loves so well. No government at all versus massive government intruding into all aspects of our lives.

WJ – This is GREAT! Ordinarily I’d feel sorry for this guy, but he REALLY wants to be IT.

So …

I heard he took a walk with his wife the other night.

What did the President know about the mustard on that hamburger and when? Doesn’t he know the coverup is worse than the offense? Does he want to face the cameras and say, “I. Did. Not. Have. Dijon. On. That. Burger.”

I say it’s time for a DNA test on that mustard. Is it plain old yellow mustard or some foreign mustard, the kind of mustard made by foreigners who displace our own good old American mustard workers right out of their jobs onto the streets?

“I’ll have a Bilderburger with cheese….hold the Illuminati”

“I’ll have a Bilderburger with cheese….hold the Illuminati”

Okay. It’s time to get rid of him.

I’m so effing hungry. :p

What’s this business of messing up a good cheeseburger with, ick, mustard!

In America, as all real Americans know, mustard is for hot dogs and ketchup is for burgers (although A1 sauce is a permissible alternative).

Jesus H. Christ on a Segway. Is this the best a law professor from Cornell can come up with? Snide comments about Obama requesting Dijon mustard?? My father, a tried and true conservative, WWII ball turret gunner on a B-17 for 25 missions over Germany – many of them unescorted – recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Army Air Corp Medal for valor, likes Dijon mustard. He eats it on every kind of sandwich. Would you like to imply that he’s an effete, metrosexual, elitist secret Frenchified wimp?

I’ve always wanted to say this: Professor? Go fuck yourself.

Oh, and before you go, can I have a look in your lunch bag? I want to make sure your wife packed your juice box and cut the crusts off of your PBJ’s.

You’re a fucking child.

A. Fucking. Child.

Who the hell puts mustard on a hamburger anyway. Yuck!

I think Joeyess needs to get a life and get out of the house, and if so, perhaps he’d understand a little sarcasm is a good thing. It certainly seemed to work for the left when W was in office but I guess the One is off limits. We’re seeing this with Leno and other comedians who are scared to poke fun at Obama unlike how they have treated every other President. Lighten up a little, and perhaps you’d be happier. And by the way, there is a truth here, and it’s about Obama’s supporters more than Obama.

I think Joeyess needs to get a life and get out of the house, and if so, perhaps he’d understand a little sarcasm is a good thing. It certainly seemed to work for the left when W was in office but I guess the One is off limits.The problem is that your “sarcasm” was a major campaign tactic for W for the entirety of 2004. So, yeah, going by the W standard, you’re participating in one of the dumbest “MSM”-driven stories that’s ever existed.

Oh, and you’re terrible at sarcasm, too.

there is a truth hereYou bet!!

Would you like some self-awareness to go with your ignominy?

So it all gets back to Bush hatred. I should have known. There are countries in the world where people are not allowed to mock their leaders, such as Venezuela, Cuba, and Iran. I must have hit a nerve here.

Sorry but Dijon mustard is now very mainstream. It’s even been butchered for American audiences with “Dijonnaise.”

How’s this for arugula….Grilling is my pasttime – that’s just a given for an original Southerner, who also spent five years of adulthood living in Texas. The absolutely best hamburger involves using 80-20 beef, olive oil, shallots, salt, and fresh pepper. Grill to medium; place in potato bun; top with favorite toppings — dijon mustard works well! Eat, consume lots of beer, watch football, and do other things to overcompensate for eating an argula-esque burger (if you feel a little insecure).

Finally, someone with a sense of humor and good taste.

Hi, William. I think it’s funny that they felt the need to talk over the clip. Ah, the media. Don’t get me started.

Gotta say dijon mustard is not just for the rich anymore. I love the stuff.

Try this recipe. Take hamburger meat. Mix in some dijon mustard, some spices and so on into the meat. turn it into patties and cook normally.

It has a pasty texture, i admit, but it has a great tangy taste, too. wonderful.

(my wife likes to substitute a1 sauce.)

What an elitist!! He must of learned this at his elitist!!11!! law school, or something. Only pansies at Ivy League law schools would do something like that!!11!!

Even worse — when Obama was trying to show he was a “man of the people,” he eschewed Grey Poupon and ordered French’s.

God, I love Republicans. Just when you think they can’t get any more asinine, they come screaming in bearing some fresh delight. The fact that this guy is a professor at Cornell (even if only associate) just makes the caricature of seriousness all the more ludicrous.

I like this blog, bro! We need more parodies of conservatives like you.

And here we see the magic of tenure, which allows William A. Jacobson, “Associate Clinical Professor of Law, Cornell Law School, Ithaca, NY,” to apply his legal-eagle mind to the parsing of Presidential condiment choices. Of course, if Jacobson were a real ‘Murican, he’d do without condiments altogether and just shovel fistfuls of raw ground beef into his mouth, washing it down with Ithaca-brewed moonshine.

You are funnier than you even know.

The funniest thing is the icon at the upper left. But let’s be frank: if you were stuck with Republican positions on the merits, you’d think that babbling about the “scandal” of using ordinary supermarket mustard was the funniest thing ever too. When you’ve got nothing to work with, might as well see if you can actually have the least funny recycling of 2003 talk radio comedy ever. Mission accomplished!

Wow. Teh stoopid is strong with this one. You’ve eliminated Cornell Law as an option for my two sons.

To the clueless lefties that stopped by, it’s called humor. Making a mountain out of a mole hill is funny, especially when the stupid media started the whole thing with cutting out the audio of the dijon mustard request. And we all know why they did it, even if it is trivial.

Why do you morons care that he uses dijon mustard? If that’s truly all you’ve got, you’re beyond lost, you’ve gone over the edge. Keep it up, losers!

Please tell me this is a joke.


I just seemed to think that law professors had, like, stuff to do and things. Being professors and all.

What does it say about how conservatives view ordinary Americans that they think MSNBC edited out the request for Dijon mustard in order to spare Obama the wrath and indignation of ordinary, “real” Americans who’d be outraged to learn that the President isn’t a backward, provincial retard who’s scared to eat forrin’ sounding foods that are actually manufactured by Hellmans in Dubuque?

Hint: hey, Joe Sixpack… conservatives actually think you’re stupid.

This post isn’t a crime against Obama, it’s just a crime against humor, which is a much more serious offense. In the future, please run your attempts at humor through a rigorous clinical trial to determine its efficacy before exposing an unsuspecting populace to it.

What gets me is the awkward pauses when ordering…like it was all scripted. Everyone knows these two are NOT regular folk…reminds me of Hilary trying to operate the cappuccino machine at the gas station. I wonder if he ordered a small glass of windex for TOTUS? And who the hell says “Can you vouch for your fries?”

What did the President spread on his sandwich and when did he spread it?

Dear god, a flailing attempt at comedy. Hint: the reason you don’t hear latenight show comedy writers tackle the effete condiment material is simple…it’s not very funny. Yes it might make conservatives feel better about themselves but no one actually “laughs” at this crap.
It’s better if you stick to things you know:

off-shore accounts
tax evasion
military industrial complex
toe tapping
abstinence only boondoggles
supply-side advertising
trickle-down hoaxes
tax cuts
keeping healthcare unaffordable
tax cuts
gay bashing
tax cuts
saying, “the fact of the matter is…”
short end of sticks
did I mention tax cuts?

This is an outrage! An outrage, I say! Obama is the Messiah, and it’s an outrage to poke fun at him! Humor? You can’t make jokes at the Messiah’s expense! THAT’S NOT FUNNY!

Not sure what’s funnier, the sacasm with which you’ve skewered the mainstream media’s love affair with B-rock Obama, and it’s covering all things about his daily life as news “The president Eats a Burger!!! Film at Eleven!,”

Or the screeching harpies who simply do. not. get. it.

I got the joke immediately. To deconstruct for the humor impaired:

A “conservative” screed about the president using dijon mustard is funny, even funnier when psed as a screed about the “coverup” by the MSM
A news report showcasing the POTUS and VPOTUS getting lunch and propping it up as “news” is funny, and also sad.

If this post makes you angry, it’s time to up the Xanax.

William A. Jacobson: “Finally, someone with a sense of humor and good taste.”

Who are you talking about?

William A. Jacobson: “You are funnier than you even know.”

Who are you talking about?

Sometimes people addressing specific individuals on the internet will use their name or will quote a portion of their words so readers can follow along.

Patriot’s Quill: “a backward, provincial retard who’s scared to eat forrin’ sounding foods that are actually manufactured by Hellmans in Dubuque.”

Now THAT’s comedy gold!

Chuck: “A “conservative” screed about the president using dijon mustard is funny, even funnier when psed as a screed about the “coverup” by the MSM”

Oh, I get it. The professor is just pretending to be up in arms about the Dijon. The post and its 8 updates are parodying insane conservative pundits.

Ha ha! Good one. Yeah, those conservative pundits are pretty insane alright. Hoo boy, what a bunch of maniacs, those conservatives!

Dumbest. Law professor. Ever.

To the clueless lefties that stopped by, it’s called humor.But doesn’t humor have to be funny? Seriously, any comedian who tried a line like “Bet he had to seek John Kerry’s counsel on that” would result in dead silence from any audience. They’d probably be trying to work out the joke. If the comedian tried to re-tell it (as the professor does here), s/he’d get a right heckling.

So why don’t professional comedians make fun of Obama’s Dijon addiction? Let’s forget the paranoid fantasy of “The One is off limits”; that’s utter nonsense as any newspaper cartoon page would show you. It’s that the comedic potential is largely absent.

Maybe Rowan Atkinson could pull it off. I could see a Mr. Bean sketch about the story – but the main person he’d be poking fun of would be Mr. Bean. In Blackadder mode, Atkinson would probably take the piss out of Obama (for his bank bailout scheme, among other reasons). But he’d also be making mockery of the narrow-minded folk attacking Obama for his condiment choice… people like the good professor here. Why? Because he think it funny that Dijon is seen as a big deal.

“To the clueless lefties that stopped by, it’s called humor.”

And therein lies the problem. It’s pretty much impossible to tell the difference between conservative “humor” and the “serious” stuff. This is the reason no one sees modern conservatism as anything more than a joke. While you guys are “joking” about mustard (and delicious, spicy mustard, no less), the grown-ups are trying to run the country. Are liberals humorless? Hey, we’re not the ones who came up with The Half-Hour News Hour.

If you listen carefully, you can hear Joe Biden order a “root beer medium well.”

Oh, Man!? What is that?

Okay . . . maybe some old, played out soda, like Moxie, would be tolerable medium well.

But not root beer!

Oh, I get it. This entire blog is an elaborate joke designed to make conservatives look stupid. Well you succeeded: you sure fooled a lot of people, “professor” (ha, ha! As if!) Jacobson!


Could you manage to find a more irrelevant topic to make into a fake scandal?

With two wars and a recession going on, are we actually supposed to care what condiments he likes on his burger?

The part I don’t get is why do people on the right call Obama “the Messiah”? It’s a little weird to worship the guy that way. People on the left just think he’s a good president with positions they agree with. Messiah? I think righties need to get out more. Maybe go to church, mosque, or synagogue or something where they really know from Messiahs.

Or is this some of that “humor” they keep talking about? I suppose I should laugh to be polite. Ha. Ha. Messiah. Too too funny. Ha.

Well, it’s true a “professor” who runs a single vocational clinic at a law school wouldn’t have all that much to do, academically speaking

We’re not laughing with you.

We’re laughing at you.

Is this site satire? If not, you do know that Dijon mustard is made by Kraft(an American company),right? Also, did you know that Dijon is packaged in a little yellow squeeze bottle just like the regular kind? My dad ate spicy mustard while I was growing up (I’m 47 now) and I’m from Alabama–not exactly a liberal bastion. You also know it can be bought at any Piggly Wiggly, right? What do you and your wife eat for dinner if you go out some place nice? Does she bring along Cheerios in case the menu is too sophisticated? This has to be the dumbest post I have seen in years and this while Michelle Malkin is still writing–so that’s pretty bad. You guys keep wondering why your numbers are tanking…..look no further than this post and it’s myriad of updates.

Are you sure this site is not satire????

If you look at republican’s points as projection, it all finally begins to make sense.

Otherwise, it’s a just scrambled, paranoid mess…

Your template background – would that be “honey mustard?”

Or even more to the point, DC Wilson, we’re really supposed to be interested that he eats hamburgers? How this fawning report ever made it to the airwaves is beyond me. He just gave 3+ trillion dollars of ours away… but he likes an occasional burger.


“It is interesting to watch how unhinged many nutroots blogs have gone over this post. “

No, we’re just fascinated at the Glenn ‘Heh’ Reynolds Skul of Lau establishing a branch post at a university previously thought to be worth something.

Yes, completely unhinged. The reactions to this post confirm what has been obvious for years (and decades). The most intolerant people are those on the left who claim to be tolerant. The people who hate freedom of speech the most are those on the left who claim to be in favor of free speech. If left to their own devices, we would have tens of thousands of wannabe Hugo Chavez’s.

The reactions to this post confirm what has been obvious for years (and decades). The most intolerant people are those on the left who claim to be tolerant. The people who hate freedom of speech the most are those on the left who claim to be in favor of free speech.Professor, what utter rot. You write a post ridiculing Obama’s taste in mustard. You update it eight times. You even add some videos. So some people come along and add their comments that ridicule yours. That’s not intolerance. That’s just quid pro quo.

Hate freedom of speech? Is anyone calling for you to take down the post? No….they are just criticizing it. Stop confusing freedom of speech-which has to do with government intervention-and people telling you their opinions of your work. It’s called a conversation.

Also, for non-French speakers, “demander” means to “ask for” not “demand,” just so you don’t think Obama went around demanding Dijon mustard.

Phew, thank god I’m going to Georgetown.

I think Dijon and Grey Poupon and French’s are all brand names. Some mid-level suit at the network who’s banging the niece of some high level executive at Tyson Foods will suddenly have a hissy conniption fit about airing tape of The One ordering the competition mustard and scream for the censor. Andrea Mitchell was born to talk over other people. It’s her job to cover up what really happened. Next thing you know it’s a network conspiracy.

The blogger should be commended for a fine piece of satire.

This is incredible!i don’t think I have ever watched somebody go bug f*cking crazy on a blog before.

You got a future on hate radio or Fake News,Prof.

I’m a red-blooded Oklahoman and I love my spicy mustard, so f**ck off!

Is this a serious post? Are you four years old?

Wait…. Are you for real? Is this satire? Surely this is indicative of the conservative movement right now that I can’t tell?

John Burke: In America, as all real Americans know, mustard is for hot dogs and ketchup is for burgers (although A1 sauce is a permissible alternative).

I thought you guys were all about freedom and individual rights?

Oh shoot, it’s Thursday! Sorry, I forgot.

This post made my day. Thank you, lunatics.

Yes, completely unhinged. The reactions to this post confirm what has been obvious for years (and decades). The most intolerant people are those on the left who claim to be tolerant. The people who hate freedom of speech the most are those on the left who claim to be in favor of free speech. If left to their own devices, we would have tens of thousands of wannabe Hugo Chavez’s.

Right…Until you’re accused of treason for critizing the president in a time of war, you can stop crying about how your rights are being stomped on. Geez, republicans are the biggest whiners on the face of the earth.

Don’t you have a failing student you need to seduce in exchange for a better grade?

Is Ann Coulter, you know, big?

The reason that “the media” isn’t making fun of Obama as much as they did Bush is because Obama has the difficult job of cleaning up the fucking mess that Bush created. And all of you fucks that voted for Bush both times, I hope you’re getting what you fucking deserve. I hope you’ve lost your jobs, your 401k has been cut half, you’ve lost your wife and your children starve. Now sit down and shut the fuck up. The adults are in charge now. As for the “professor” that runs this website, go back to Gilligan’s island and try to get that stupid fucking radio working, jackass.

Desu! Desu! Desu! Desu! Desu! Desu! Desu! Desu! Desu! Desu! Desu!

If the worst people can bring up is your taste in mustard, you know you’re doing a great job.

Finally, someone with a sense of humor and good taste.Finally, yes. Because you clearly lack both.

ZOMG Obama uses Dijon mustard on his hamburger?!?!?! IMPEACH!!1!1

You are the biggest moron I have ever read on the internet. And that’s saying A LOT mister!

Ha Ha, this is so funny!!! Dijon Mustard! Nobama must be a gay Frenchman, or something, like everyone else who’s eaten dijon mustard, ever!

Keep up the good work, professor!

Best. Parody. Ever.

srsly …you tried (notice the word there) to make a joke about dijon mustard…this reeks of buttseks and truckernuts. Also.

I haven’t laughed this hard in ages. This is the apotheosis of anti-wingnut satire. This needs to be a regular feature on Jon Stewart or something.

He probably puts Grey Poupon his sausage too.

This is either the most well-done satire/parody I’ve seen in awhile, or the most hilariously unhinged nuttery I’ve seen in awhile. Either way, thanks for the laughs!

FINE, somebody’s gotta translate the french article:

“Obama wants dijon mustard on his hamburger”

We already knew that Barack Obama appreciated French-style socialism alongside dijon mustard. Obama insisted on Air Force One on the famous French mustard.

Yesterday, on a media-led and hopefully conversational trip, Obama and Biden went for a hamburger at Ray’s Hell Burgers. Obama, demanding dijon mustard: “You got a dijon mustard?”

The leftist network MSNBC even censored the information, as too snobby for their views.

Also, Mr. Jacobson, I question your use of terminology here. “Burger” is short for “hamburger” which as we all know is what the Kaiser would call such a food! Your unwillingness to use the real American term “salisbury steak” shows that you and this “Obama” character are both with the Huns as far as I’m concerned, doggone it!

Dijon mustard tastes better, you ass-clown. Who the fuck cares that it’s french? Do you not eat steak or fries because they’re french? Do you avert your eyes from the statue of liberty?

Why, exactly? Because they’re liberal and were right about the lack of legitimate reasons to invade Iraq?

Do you avoid things from the blue states, as well? If so, you might want to get your silly babble off of our internets.

How does such a moron become a professor at Cornell Law School? Who gives a shit what kind of mustard he likes on his hamburger?

HAHA. What a wimpy liberal elite! MUSTARD!!??! HAHAHAH. My god, what a phony. I’ve never heard of anything like that before in all my days. Mustard. Wow. Just wow. I’ve seen it all now. Mustard.

No wonder you are only an Associate Professor with nut-job posts like this.

Hey, at least he didn’t choke on it.

Dude, this is like the dumbest blog post in the history of the internet, and that includes everything RedState has ever published.

Once again we see what a phony, fussy, anti-American elitist Barry Hussein is! Dijon?! That sounds like something a billionaire would order – a billionaire like OSAMA BIN LADEN! Can someone find out what Bin Laden likes on his falafel?

This post is either really funny or really sad depending if the author is being sarcastic of funny. If he is trying to be funny he should totally write for Wonkette.

Dijon? That’s the least of it. Cheddar on his cheese burger? Five buck says Jesus would order his burger with AMERICAN cheese. And, full disclosure: I eat my freedom fries with mayo.

The biggest point made by this post is in the comment section

Every dissenter to this post proves a very very important point!
That point is freedom of speech without censorship!

With every dissent posted and left to stand as stated, the evidence accumulates that conservative values are what will keep the U.S.A. apart from any other country on Earth.

AWESOME job exposing this SCANDAL! Next up: TG-Gate when it’s revealed that Obama likes his toilet paper to roll under the bottom instead of over the top like REAL Americans. I’ll bet he even periodically drinks imported beers!!!!! Is there no end to this guy’s tyrannical gay French socialist tendencies? Thank God someone is spending time on real issues like this instead of, say, working at a soup kitchen. AWESOME!!!!!


Keep up the good work 😛

I should dream that I would ever tweak the dhimmis like you have.

You know that you are on ‘the list’ now, right?
Don’t worry, you have lots of good company there.

Do you know what censorship is, bigeasy? Hint: if it were in effect, this post would not exist.

Why have you not reported on George W Bush’s Deviled Egg Recipe which includes DIJON MUSTARD! Are you trying to hide the facts like MSNBC did?