Nothing quite like insulting our closest ally. Great job. Britain’s mistake was sacrificing its soldiers to help us in Iraq and Afghanistan. Gordy should have seen it coming once Obama sent back the statue of Winston Churchill. If Gordy wanted the red carpet treatment, he should have spent more time bad mouthing Bush and complaining about the “imperfections” of America.

From The Telegraph newspaper blog in Britain.

UPDATE: This piece in the Washington Post describes the insult quite well:

Our British cousins are getting the feeling that the new administration doesn’t fancy them….

And the alarm bells really went off when Brown’s entourage landed at Andrews Air Force Base on Monday night. Obama, breaking with precedent, wouldn’t grant the prime minister the customary honor of standing beside him in front of the two nations’ flags for the TV cameras. The Camp David sleepover that Blair got on his first meeting with Bush? Sorry, chaps….

For the president — beloved by the world largely for the fact that he is not Bush — it was a surprisingly cool reception for an ally….

Somewhere in the British Embassy, a bronze bust of Churchill was turning in its storage crate.


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