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Changing the Rules to Preserve Power

Changing the Rules to Preserve Power

An excellent article by Quinn Hillier, Saul Alinsky Takes the White House, makes a point similar to what I made in my article, Will Obama’s Election Result in One Person, One Vote, One Time? Hillier points out that it will not be easy for conservatives to recover because the Alinsky model of power will be used to change the rules to prevent the type of electoral backlash against excessive government power which led to the conservative gains in the early Clinton years. Much like Hugo Chavez, power will be used to consolidate power:

“Too many conservatives think we’ve seen all this before — in 1964 and 1974 and 1992 — and that we know how to handle it. Fly, meet ointment: We’re not dealing with the same sorts of opponents. These New Alinskyites who are taking over the White House, combined with the most leftist congressional leadership in memory, will not let us play by the same rules under which conservatives recovered from those earlier debacles. They will try to drastically tilt the playing field, seed our side of the field with land mines and, in short, rig the process to make it next to impossible for the political right, or Republicans, to recover. And they are likely to succeed in at least some of these designs.”


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