Legal Insurrection went live on October 12, 2008, originally at Google Blogger.  We hit our one-millionth visit about 11.5 months later, our second million a few months after that, and since then readership and linkage from major websites have grown dramatically.

In June 2011, we switched to a self-hosted WordPress format with a custom design which incorporates many unique functions both visible to readers and behind the scenes.

In August 2012, we opened a related blog, College Insurrection.  We expect to add additional Insurrections in the coming year.

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First the facts (as of August 20, 2012, subject to change):

Trailing 30-days per StatCounter:  1,331,182 (page loads), 1,012,680 (unique visits), 603,355 (first time visits), 409,325 (returning visits)

Technorati: #26 Politics, Top 100 Overall (#72);  Avvo:  #4 Top Legal Blogs

Frequently linked by almost every major conservative blog, many mainstream media online publications, and conservative national radio talk show hosts.

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William Jacobson

I am generally available for print/radio interviews on short notice, and depending upon where I am at the time, television interviews on a day’s notice. I also have spoken before a number of groups with the cost depending upon the nature of the event and location.

The best way to reach me is via e-mail (contact -at- legalinsurrection -dot- com).

Here are some links to a select number of media appearances.