The world will end tonight, but just before that, consider:

  • Both Romney and Newt are getting trounced by Obama in the latest Rasmussen survey.
  • Romney has an electability problem.  Why do you hate capitalism?
  • You mean there’s actually good news for Newt even if he loses Florida?
  • Final PPP poll finds Romney up high single digits and no surge.  If true, I take back everything bad I ever said about PPP.
  • Romney Ramps Up Attack Ads Against Gingrich to Unprecedented Levels.  But he seems like such a nice guy.
  • Mother Jones worried Tea Party may save Scott Walker.  It’s a good thing the Republican establishment hates the smelly dumb know-nothings.
  • Jeffrey Goldberg thinks he knows racial dog whistles, and he’s hearing lots of them.  He even hears Allen West using them.
  • Absotutely freakin right on about what’s wrong: “Those of us who believed that a primary fight would toughen Mr. Romney up have little to show for it. Far from sharpening his proposals to reach out to a GOP electorate hungry for a candidate with a bold conservative agenda, Mr. Romney has limited his new toughness to increasingly negative attacks on Mr. Gingrich’s character. It’s beginning to make what we all assumed was a weakness look much more like arrogance.”
  • I can’t wait to see the movie:

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  • Thomas Sowell (h/t HotAir):  “Gingrich is by no means above criticism. He has been criticized in this column before over the years, including during the current primary season, and he will probably be criticized here again. But the poisonous practice of irresponsible smears is an issue that is bigger than Gingrich, Romney, or any other candidate of either party.”
  • Dumb move by Gingrich staff, even if Romney has been running deliberately misleading ads around the clock:  Gingrich denies knowledge of ‘kosher’ robocall.  After tonight, they need to refocus.  JoshuaPundit calls it beyond indecent.