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As I have noted in previous posts, Trump's EPA chief has refocused the agency back to its core mission of protecting the environment from actual pollutants. Legal Insurrection readers may recall that President Donald Trump picked Georgia's former governor, Sonny Perdue, to head the United States Department of Agriculture. Like Scott Pruitt, Perdue is scaling back positions and making significant changes in his agency's policies. For example, there have already been alterations in the Michelle Obama's signature school lunch program.

Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue has announced his department wants to make a few changes to the school lunch programs that former First Lady Michelle Obama pushed through. The Wall Street Journal reported:
Schools, which receive federal funding for meal programs, won’t have to meet certain guidelines for whole grain, sodium and milk. The U.S. Department of Agriculture said the decision comes after years of feedback from schools and food-service experts, who have faced challenges meeting meal regulations; and from students, some of whom have complained that the meals aren’t appetizing.