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Well, there is joy in Mudville, because George Zimmerman has another legal problem. The details are murky and unclear, but that's not stopping the "I told you so" reaction, as if a new problem proves guilt on a past problem. It really is a horror show to watch (Twitter feed embedded at bottom of post, view at your own caution)(added -- more "reliable" news feed now at bottom as well). Here's the most recent Orlando Sentinel update as of 3:51 p.m., click the story link for further updates, George Zimmerman in custody, police investigate 'possible domestic battery':
George Zimmerman, the former Neighborhood Watch volunteer acquitted of murder in the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, is under investigation this afternoon after his wife told police that he'd threatened her family, police confirmed. Police are investigating a "possible domestic battery" involving Zimmerman on Sprucewood Road, Lake Mary police Officer Zach Hudson said this afternoon. About 3:40 p.m., Hudson said that Zimmerman was no longer detained and was not in custody. The police spokesman said Zimmerman has been cooperating with police. According to Lake Mary police Chief Steve Bracknell, Zimmerman's wife Shellie Zimmerman called police and said that her husband had made threats to her family "with his hand on his gun." She also alleged that George Zimmerman had battered her father, David Dean, Bracknell said. The police chief said about 3:30 p.m. Shellie Zimmerman and her father were consulting with their attorney to decide whether to give a sworn statement or press charges. Hudson said the investigation is in its early stages, and it was unclear whether Zimmerman or anyone would be arrested. No significant injuries were suffered in the incident, Hudson said.

George Zimmerman's wife Shellie has reportedly filed to end the couple's six year marriage. From ABC News: George Zimmerman's wife Shellie has filed for divorce less than two months after he was acquitted of murder in the death of teenager Trayvon Martin. She filed the paper work just...

ABC News conducted an extensive interview of Shellie Zimmerman this morning. In a wide-ranging interview conducted by investigative freelance journalist Christi O'Connor, Zimmerman said on the evening Martin died she was staying elsewhere because the couple had got in an argument the night before and that...

We have detailed before the perjury charge against George Zimmerman's wife, Shellie, based on her testimony during a bail hearing as to their assets. I've pointed out that legally the charge was weak because perjury requires an affirmative misstatement of a material fact, and many of her answers, while evasive and misleading, did not rise to that level.  Many of the questions at issue were ambiguous and called for opinionated characterizations. Perhaps recognizing the weakness of the case, it appears that the prosecution has agreed to a plea deal. (Update: Plea Deal docs embedded at bottom of post.) The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that Shellie will plead guilty to a lesser count of perjury, and will receive a sentence of one year probation:
Shellie Zimmerman, the wife of acquitted murder suspect George Zimmerman, will today plead guilty to a less serious form of perjury in a plea deal that will require her to serve one year of probation. It was a negotiated deal, designed to leave her with no criminal record. The 26-year-old was a nursing student nearly done with her schooling at the time of her arrest. Had she been found guilty of a felony — the perjury charge she was facing — she would have been banned from applying to become a nurse for three years. The deal also requires her to write a letter of apology to Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester Jr., the judge to whom she was accused of lying, and to serve 100 hours of community service. The official charge filed against Shellie Zimmerman is perjury during an official proceeding - of lying during one of her husband's bond hearings last year. That's a third-degree felony, which carries a possible five-year prison term.
Update: The Orlando Sentinel has updated its story, now that the plea deal was accepted in court:
Circuit Judge Marlene Alva accepted the plea during a brief hearing at the Seminole County criminal courthouse in Sanford. It was a negotiated deal, designed to avoid a felony conviction. The 26-year-old was a nursing student nearly done with her schooling at the time of her arrest. Had she been found guilty of a felony — the perjury charge she was facing — she would have been banned from applying to become a nurse for three years.

Shellie Zimmerman, wife of George Zimmerman, was scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday, for a hearing on perjury charges brought against her in connection with her husband's recent murder trial. This hearing has been postponed. In place of the trial, a status conference on her upcoming...

Forgotten in the publicity surrounding the jury verdict in the case against George Zimmerman is that a perjury charge against his wife, Shellie Zimmerman, remains active. According to the State Court docket, the case is scheduled for trial August 21.  I have calls in to the prosecutors...

Florida prosecutor Angela Corey has come under withering criticism from Alan Dershowitz for overcharging and leaving out important details in the Affidavit of Probable Cause filed in connection with the charge of Second Degree Murder lodged against George Zimmerman. Corey allegedly responded by threatening to sue...

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