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60 Minutes "reported" DeSantis engaged in a "pay for play" scheme with Publix. He gave them the contract to distribute COVID vaccinations in exchange for a $100,000 donation. In a statement, Democrat Palm Beach County Mayor Dave Kerner described the 60 Minutes as "intentionally false" and that the news program declined his "insight."

In April, Democrats and the mainstream media began using Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as a whipping boy for Gov. Andrew Cuomo's pandemic management failures in New York. Florida lawyer Daniel Uhlfelder kicked it up a notch by donning a grim reaper costume and periodically hitting the state's beaches to remind beachgoers about the COVID crisis and to try and shame DeSantis in the process.

Florida data technician Rebekah Jones' history with the state's health department is messy. But because the media despises Republican governors like Ron DeSantis for choosing not to lock their respective states down during the pandemic, Jones became an instant media darling after she was fired in May due to alleged insubordination and unauthorized changes made to the state's official coronavirus dashboard.

It's never over. During my time in private law practice, time and time again I saw cases that were lost converted into wins at the last second when the 'winning' attorney wasn't paying attention.
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