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Linfield University in Oregon fired English professor Daniel Pollack-Pelzner this week "for cause" and for supposedly interfering "with the university's administration of its responsibilities." The firing comes after Pollack-Pelzner complained about alleged sexual misconduct by a member of the board of trustees. But apparently, an allegation that the school president has made anti-Semitic remarks really set off his superiors.

Rioters have been terrorizing Portland, OR, for like what? Almost a year now? Remember when Mayor Ted Wheeler turned away help from President Donald Trump? Remember when Wheeler exploded when Trump sent in troops to protect federal buildings and property? Wheeler finally admitted the rioters want nothing more than to burn and destroy the city. It's precious that he acts like this is completely brand new!

A Portland school is having an identity crisis. It changed its name from Woodrow Wilson High School to Ida B. Wells High School. (Excellent choice because why anyone would want to commemorate Wilson boggles my mind!) It also voted to change the Trojan mascot. Evergreens topped the list of new mascots, but now some have concerns it has connections to lynching.