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My Op-ed in The Daily Caller: "Tish James campaigned on and conducted her office for the purpose of investigating a political opponent and those around him trying to find a crime. That is Soviet-level prosecutorial abuse where individuals are targeted not to prosecute a crime,...

HoganWillig is a multi-office law firm in western New York State. Among its practice areas is real estate closings, which enabled it to obtain designation from the state as an "essential" business even under Andrew Cuomo's coronavirus lockdown orders. The firm also has gained expertise in advising businesses how to weather the coronavirus regulatory storm, and now finds itself in the center of one of those storms as the New York Attorney General's Office has been threatening the firm over its continued real estate operations, claiming the firm was not complying with Cuomo's Orders. The firm is fighting back with a federal court lawsuit.

The State government in New York has become part of the #Resistance to Trump, and not just on policy issues. The law enforcement and legislative functions have been co-opted to target Trump because he is a political enemy. In the war on Trump, important norms are being broken. It's disgusting and dangerous.