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Over time, I've lost interest in professional sports for many of the same reasons I've lost interested in the professional music, film, and other entertainment industries. They have become thoroughly politicized by the left as part of the culture war. So for me, the lastest public fight over NFL players protesting on the sidelines is just the latest straw, and in many ways, the last straw.

We recently reported how anti-Jihad websites were the subject of attempts to deprive them of funding and internet access as a result of appearing on "hate" lists from the Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti-Defamation League. PayPal cut them off after outreach from ProPublica, as discussed in our post, Charlottesville is being exploited to attack freedom of speech and internet freedom.

After the Charlottesville riots and killing of a woman, the Google firing of James Damore seems like it took place years ago. But it was just a week ago. While Charlottesville will dominate the headlines and political debate in coming weeks, the Google firing of Damore retains its significance, as it reflects a trend that has been most pronounced on campuses in recent years, but has moved into the corporate world and political culture. If anything, Ritual Shaming as a means of controlling speech will get even worse after Charlottesville.

Some interesting developments in the case of James Damore, the Google Senior Software Engineer who now is a former Google Senior Software Engineer. He was fired after Google reacted badly to Damore's memo challenging explanations for the relative lack of women in software engineering. The memo was grossly misrepresented as being anti-diversity and anti-female in both the mainstream and tech media. The most senior Google executives joined in that tactic. One of the worst posts was by the CEO of Google's YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, who used her daughter as a prop to attack Damore:

The controversy regarding Google (former) employee James Damore may have peaked, but it's not going away. Most of the mainstream and tech media coverage has been completely dishonest. As mentioned in my first post about the diversity memo Damore wrote, the media was describing the memo and Damore as being "anti-diversity." That plainly was false, as I wrote in Google Senior Engineer commits diversity heresy: