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Iran's state-run TV network censored a British soccer Premier League match to comply with the regime's Islamic sharia law. The live telecast was interrupted more than 100 times during the 90 minutes game to prevent showing a female referee dressed in customary black soccer shorts, newspaper reports say.

A spy ship linked to Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) suffered an explosion in the Red Sea, the Iranian state media confirmed on Wednesday. The vessel, which was acting as a base for the IRGC, went up in flames as explosive mines hit its hull, the Iranian state-run TV reported.

While President Joe Biden's administration looks forward to diplomatic talks with China and Iran, both regimes have started to build ballistic missile facilities. 

Chinese nuclear-armed ballistic missiles are not only capable of hitting anywhere in the world, but they can also target satellites and space assets in the earth's orbit. Iran, aided by Russian, Chinese, and North Korean technology, can strike western Europe.