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Gender Tag

The State Department is rolling out a new "X" gender designation for passports and it's being hailed as a "milestone" for passport applicants who don't identify as male or female. There are still Americans stranded in Afghanistan, but the Biden administration has its own set of priorities.

The Biden administration recently announced the creation of a "National Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality." Most Americans would probably prefer that they try to tackle problems like the border crisis or the supply chain crisis, but they have their own priorities. For some reason, this new strategy also includes the elimination of cash bail.

Virginia's Department of Education has release a new set of guidelines for schools that are designed to make life better for transgender students. Despite the fact that transgender students are a small minority, the new policies are going to change life for everyone, including doing away with some things lots of people enjoy.

Despite decades of leftist social engineering, it turns out that—generally speaking—little girls most enjoy playing with dolls, while little boys most enjoy playing with toy trucks. Moreover, according to a recent study, this tendency to prefer toys associated with "traditional gender roles" has remained steady for 50 years.