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I would like to start today's post with some good news from my day job: My consulting firm is now going forward with the preparation of recommissioning businesses in anticipation of the restart of the economy. Meanwhile, the head of the World Health Organization responded to President Donald Trump, who slammed the agency during a recent Coronavirus Task Force briefing.

Earlier this week, the FDA announced a coming crackdown on "potentially harmful, unproven homeopathic drugs". Homeopathic drugs are holistic and said to stimulate the body's power to heal itself by focusing on the entire picture of health and not only the ailment needing treatment. Some swear by homeopathy, even if there's little science to back it up.

The government ruins absolutely everything. Even cute, independent bakery ingredient lists. A Massachusetts bakery dinged by the FDA for a litany of ridiculous infractions was most shocked to find they'd been reprimanded for citing "love" as an ingredient in their rolled oats.

Beef Products Inc. (BPI) has reached a settlement agreement with ABC News. The beef company sued ABC and reporter Jim Avila for defamation after the network aired an investigative segment in 2012 calling a filler product used in ground beef "pink slime." The complaint alleged omission of facts in addition to food-libel. BPI claimed their business suffered an 80% loss in profits, forcing them to close three of four processing plants after the ABC report aired.

Last summer, I reported that Food and Drug Administration rules covering e-cigarettes and adopted early in the Obama presidency were killing the related American industry. The manufacturer, distribution and retail sales of e-cigarettes (which vaporizes nicotine-infused solutions that have only traces of some of the 60-plus carcinogens found in cigarette smoke), is worth an estimated $3.7 billion last year. In San Diego alone, e-cigarette firms employ hundreds of Californians in productive, middle-class positions, and generate quite a bit of tax revenue for the state as well.