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***UPDATE: The NY Post now reports that "only one known copy of the book was given to a child." Ever wonder what amazing things your tax dollars finance?  Wonder no more.  Apparently, tax payers are footing the bill for the distribution of Kamala Harris' children's book that is being distributed to illegal alien children held in substandard, inhumane conditions.

Fox News reported the border cartels have begun enlisting American teens on social media to smuggle migrants over the border:
Images obtained by Fox News shows the ads cartels are using on social media apps like TikTok, where they offer more than $3,000 a ride for teens and young adults to come drive smuggled migrants into the U.S. when they reach the border.

Unwilling to take the necessary steps to secure our border and unable to handle the surge of migrants then-candidate Biden all but invited to come to the U.S. illegally, the Biden administration has apparently decided to simply release 400 illegal alien families per day into the U.S. As a point of reference, the total number of such released families earlier this year was 50 per day.

A couple of weeks ago, I reported that San Diego's political leaders have allowed the federal government to use the famed San Diego Convention Center as an illegal immigrant shelter to address the continuing Biden border crisis. Despite the fact many area schools aren't allowed in-person schooling due to COVID19 rules, some teachers were willing to do such teaching for the teenage immigrants. The flow of migrants is so steady that a third wave is now in San Diego, with more soon to be processed.
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