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If you receive our emails, you might have noticed that we've moved platforms. Since we launched the Legal Insurrection Foundation almost three years ago, our email and other online functions were housed with Salsa Labs. But, due to annoying circumstances beyond our control, we were thrust into the opportunity to learn an entirely new system!

Watching the Biden administration run roughshod over our great nation and our fellow Americans gives us strength, firms our resolve, and focuses our energies on combating the anti- and unAmerican radical left....

It's been a long times since I did a Baby Walt update post. Over a year, in fact. For a few reasons. One -- that he's doing so well. And two, it's hard. Hard to venture back into two years ago when my little man made a dramatic arrival, turned blue, and was whisked away in a helicopter to another hospital where he wasn't expected to make it through the night.