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Next week, the Biden administration might reinstate Trump's remain in Mexico policy, which forces migrants to stay on the other side of the border while their applications are being processed. This will undoubtedly cause gnashing of teeth from leftists, who have convinced themselves that any and all Trump policies are inherently evil.

Chad Pergram of FOX News recently revealed that he received an email from a trustworthy source advising him to learn about the process of confirming a new vice president. This is fueling speculation that either the Biden administration is going to replace Kamala Harris, or that a new VP will have to be chosen if Biden steps down and Kamala takes his place.

Biden's plan to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations at companies through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), is going to rely on people snitching on their employers. Because OSHA doesn't have enough employees to spy on companies all over the country, workers will be expected to blow the whistle on their employers. There's nothing creepy about that.

The Biden administration is seriously considering paying $450,000 each to illegal immigrants who were separated from their families under Trump in 2018. It's difficult to believe they would even think of doing this as so many Americans are still suffering the after-effects of the COVID shutdowns. American citizens lost their businesses, savings and homes.

The Biden administration recently announced the creation of a "National Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality." Most Americans would probably prefer that they try to tackle problems like the border crisis or the supply chain crisis, but they have their own priorities. For some reason, this new strategy also includes the elimination of cash bail.