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Biden's withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan has been a disaster, in both a humanitarian and political sense. Americans are watching horrific images coming out of Kabul on their TVs, computers and phones, while Biden seems frozen, unable to respond in any meaningful way. While we still don't know what the plan is for the humanitarian side of the crisis, we do know how the Biden team is planning to deal with the political fallout.

The CDC's blatantly unconstitutional extension of the eviction moratorium, approved by the Biden administration, and cheered by the Squad wing of the Democrat party, is nothing more than government sanctioned theft. Landlords across the country, many of whom have not received rent payments for months, are being told to just accept this, with no consideration for their needs.

Political media has buzzed nonstop with stories about the new 'delta' variant of COVID. The Biden administration has started backtracking on freedom from face masks. How are Americans supposed to believe the Biden administration is serious about the risks as thousands of potentially unvaccinated people come across our southern border every week?
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