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You may (or may not) recall MSNBC producer Ariana Pekary quitting her job back in August and writing an open letter about how commercial networks are a "cancer." She revealed on Twitter Sunday that Democrat presidential candidate Andrew 'Free Money for Everyone' Yang was blacklisted from an MSNBC show called "The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell."

There is a lot of usual inside-the-beltway conventional nonsense analysis and bluster going around about the elections. Ignore it, it's the same dishonest take we've seen in the mainstream media and polling organizations for years.

Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang challenged New York's decision to cancel its Democratic primary, scheduled for June 23. The state chose to do so because it's obvious former Vice President Joe Biden will win the nomination and the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, which has ravaged the state. Judge Analise Torres ruled that New York must have its Democratic primary, finding the cancellation unconstitutional, and it must include "all qualified candidates."