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Author: Leslie Eastman

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Leslie Eastman

I am an Environmental Health and Safety Professional, as well as a science/technical writer for a variety of news and professional publications. I have been a citizen activist since 2009, and am one of the co-founders of the San Diego-based group, Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition.

I spent the better portion of Saturday night listening to the distant wailing of police sirens responding to a protest in a community not far from my current home. I lived happily in the La Mesa, California, area for several years before my marriage. It is a beautiful community and very special. Its quaint shops and attitude reminded me more of the Mid-West, from which I come. I had often gone there to shop, as well as to enjoy its Oktoberfest and special Christmas events.

Today's update features New York's former senator and 2016's losing presidential candidate. Despite the staggering number of nursing home deaths as a result of the gubernatorial lockdown rules, Hillary Clinton praised New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's response to the coronavirus pandemic in a Memorial Day tweet.

As I was making plans with my husband for Memorial Day weekend, my husband asked me how long it had been since I had gone to Mass. We had just started the season of Lent when the California's Governor Gavin Newsom mandated a coronavirus-caused lockdown of the state. Little did I realize how much I was giving up for Lent this year and that it would include Easter service.
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