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School District in Minnesota Seeks Asst. Superintendent Who Can ‘Examine Presence of Whiteness’

School District in Minnesota Seeks Asst. Superintendent Who Can ‘Examine Presence of Whiteness’

“proactively support the Superintendent to create and communicate anti-racist structures and systems”

In some ways, Minnesota seems completely lost. No matter how bad things get, they keep doubling down.

The College Fix reports:

School district seeks asst. superintendent who can ‘examine presence of Whiteness’

A school district in Minnesota is seeking an assistant superintendent who can “actively listen for both spoken and unspoken racial concerns” and “examine the presence and role of ‘Whiteness’ in systems and structures.”

The candidate for the St. Louis Park Public Schools position also must be “open to feedback regarding their own racial blind spots” and “seek multiple racial perspectives.”

Further, the applicant must “foster joy” and “cultivate a culture of accountability for systemic racial equity transformation.”

As noted by Alpha News, the position — which has a “significant influence in how the school district operates” — pays between $134,000 and $201,000 per year.

According to job posting’s “Summary of Responsibilities,” the asst. superintendent also will

proactively support the Superintendent to create and communicate anti-racist structures and systems, work to interrupt systems of oppression, and serve as a role model for culturally relevant pedagogy [and be] unwaveringly committed to anti-racist actions and use data to adapt and sustain their efforts towards racial equity to plan, direct, and coordinate action to achieve the mission and strategic objectives.

Other requirements include:

— “demonstrat[es] leadership for racial equity”

— is “racially conscious”

— “prioritize[s] their own racial equity journey”

— makes use of “effective restorative practice techniques”

St. Louis Park’s March 18 announcement of Carla Hines (pictured) as its new superintendent notes that her “vision for racial equity transformation is impressive.”


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The Gentle Grizzly | March 31, 2024 at 6:44 pm

Minnesota used to personify white with all of the Nordic folks.

Let a bunch of Somalis in and the whites become cowards, submitting to every demand rather than fighting for what they made and built. There should be a shame to themselves.

Racialized language in job description is inherently discriminatory. Why is this permitted?

    Milhouse in reply to smooth. | April 1, 2024 at 8:29 am

    It’s not racially discriminatory. A white person who believes all this DIE crap is just as eligible for the job as a black person with the same beliefs, though presumably if the white person really believes it they ought to let the black person go ahead of them.

    It does discriminate on the basis of political beliefs, but that’s legal in MN.

The only thing missing from this Jim Crow is the basic human decency that caused the end of the first Jim Crow.

The wording in this ad makes it perfectly clear that no Whites, Asians, or Hispanics need apply. As long as that happens, then the school can’t be accused of racism in selecting the blackest candidate.

Just reading this hurt my white brain.

Yet more evidence of the deterioration of American “education”.

A pricey assistant superintendent to examine the presence of whiteness? Back in the good old days, you could examine for the presence of blackness with just a reasonably-paid phlebotomist. Damn Bidenflation.

As someone of Nordic ancestry, with family in Wisconsin and Minnesota, I find it hilarious that they are hiring someone to examine the role of whiteness in Minnesota! I presume the snow is now in serious trouble, and, please, no obe had better mention Snow White!

I left Minnesota in 1974 to join the Army. I’ve only been back to visit family and that’s the only reason I’ll go back again. The state is a mess.