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UCLA Prof Suspended for Refusing Lenient Grades for Black Students Wants $19 Million in Damages

UCLA Prof Suspended for Refusing Lenient Grades for Black Students Wants $19 Million in Damages

“UCLA’s media relations division did not provide a comment on the lawsuit despite repeated requests this week.”

We have covered the story of Gordon Klein. Who can blame him for wanting damages in this case?

The College Fix reports:

UCLA prof suspended after refusing lenient grading for black students demands $19 million-plus in damages

A professor who sued UCLA after he was suspended in the wake of the George Floyd-Black Lives Matter riots after refusing a request to grade black students leniently will soon get his day in court.

UCLA accounting lecturer Gordon Klein is demanding well over $19 million in damages in a lawsuit scheduled to go to trial March 4 in a Santa Monica courthouse.

The two sides have engaged in legal wrangling since September 2021, when Klein first filed suit — including a failed attempt by UCLA’s lawyers to get the case tossed by summary judgment.

The causes of action to be hashed out next month are breach of contract, retaliation, false light, and negligent interference with prospective earnings.

Klein’s attorney, Steve Goldberg, told The College Fix in a telephone interview this week the lion’s share of damages are based on the estimated loss of Klein’s expert witness practice income.

“That practice went to ashes right after he was suspended,” said Goldberg with the law firm
Markun, Zusman & Compton.

UCLA’s media relations division did not provide a comment on the lawsuit despite repeated requests this week.

Klein, who joined the UCLA Anderson School of Management in 1981, continues to teach as a full-time lecturer there. But his lawsuit alleges he made most of his money as a litigation expert.

He has testified, for example, in several high-profile court cases, including Michael Jackson’s wrongful death, Apple’s acquisition of Dr. Dre’s Beats headphones, and the valuation of General Motors’ assets in bankruptcy.

“He was one of the top damages experts in the country who was historically bringing in well over $1 million dollars a year and trending upwards when it happened,” Goldberg said.

Klein’s lawsuit alleges the controversy and bad press that surrounded him in June 2020 made him untouchable as a litigation expert.


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Wouldn’t black students be happier at HBCU? Then they can get grades curved up by black teachers who don’t believe in meritocracy.

    Paul in reply to smooth. | February 12, 2024 at 7:21 am

    This would be better for everyone. As you stated, the students and teachers would be better off. And the rest of us would see that diploma and know to avoid those ‘accountants’ like the plague. I prefer the white supremacist math, thank you very much.

Plaintiff waived jury trial a week ago (Feb 2), which is interesting.

The parties had been wrangling over detailed motions in limine and jury instructions for about 8 months, with rulings made sporadically over that time. There’s also been a few trial delays, which are typical in this courthouse.

It’s unclear to me whether Plaintiff [A] got a ruling that suggested the Judge was favorably inclined to the case; [B] got an unfavorable motion in limine ruling, which could be eliminated in a bench trial; or [C] was concerned about fitting the case into the assigned number of trial days, and chose to waive jury to shorten the trial. Obviously you wouldn’t waive if you thought the judge was hostile, but sometimes you might tactically waive with a neutral judge to obtain another benefit (such as preserving a trial date).

destroycommunism | February 11, 2024 at 10:31 am

they are already rubber stamped into professoins like doctors lawyers atc etc etc

b/c thats what affirmative action is
its a racist policy that demeans poc

but that is what the leftists have alwayssss been about

I am no longer taking medical students or residents effective at the end of June. I just don’t see the risk vs benefit equation balancing out. Even though my family is Latino, as evidenced by my family name, etc., the risks attached to seeing students (and residents/fellows in the medical world) making stupid accusations of “microaggressions” and other foolish notions, is too much reputational and relational risk. I have better things to do with my family and my time—including spending it directly with patients and not coddling delicate egos on students/residents/fellows.