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Harvard Student Newspaper Claims Conservatives Are ‘Weaponizing’ Plagiarism

Harvard Student Newspaper Claims Conservatives Are ‘Weaponizing’ Plagiarism

“the right has found a perfect weapon with which to hit the university”

So plagiarism isn’t the problem, but the fact that it’s being used against people the left likes. That’s the problem?

The College Fix reports:

Harvard student paper editorial board beclowns itself — again

In yet another ridiculous editorial, the Harvard Crimson this past week demanded “we” must stop conservatives’ efforts at “weaponizing” plagiarism.

This is because Claudine Gay ultimately had to step down as Harvard president due to plagiarism, and the same charge was leveled at Harvard Diversity and Inclusion Officer Sherri Ann Charleston.

“As the culture wars lurch on,” the editorial board writes, “the right has found a perfect weapon with which to hit the university — taken straight from the academy’s arsenal itself: claims of plagiarism.”

It goes on to (hilariously) state that it has “harshly and unconditionally condemned plagiarism,” yet links to a New Year’s Eve editorial titled “President Gay Plagiarized, but She Should Stay. For Now” (emphasis added).

In it, the editors say “All plagiarism is wrong and antithetical to our University’s academic mission. But not all plagiarism is equal […] Plagiarism offenses lie on a spectrum.” And, of course, now-former President Gay’s offenses weren’t all that bad, they say.

“We also oppose President Gay’s resignation because we are not blind to what has driven this news cycle — a national outrage manufactured by conservative activists intent on discrediting higher education.”

Specifically, that’d be DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) initiatives. In other words, it’s the ‘ol conservatives pounce! complaint, and it’s quite laughable at this point.

Keep in mind this is the same Ivy League student paper which recently argued Riley Gaines shouldn’t get an audience because of her “bad faith” views, yet wrote nary a word about Hamas’ slaughter of over 1,000 innocent Israelis on Oct. 7.

In 2020, it urged students to break the law because they’ll only get a “slap on the wrist” anyway, and in 2013 told conservatives to just skip Harvard altogether.


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destroycommunism | February 11, 2024 at 10:27 am

take back the schools= taking back america

its easier than you think

no more tax money to them
no more tax breaks

where are you gop clowns om this!!!!!!!

supporting mcconnells immigration duet with biden!!!???

Non-white female cheated her way to the top??

How can you be so racist and misogynist??

DEI/CRT is such a fraud.

Good Gravy…wait until these brats get out into the real world and some IP lawyer goes after them for stealing somebody else’s patented, trademarked, or copyrighted material. Will they still be screaming about a “spectrum” when they are being deposed, and after their bosses kick them to the curb?

    henrybowman in reply to drsamherman. | February 12, 2024 at 1:19 am

    And they will have to wait. Because it would be a good lesson for someone else to copy their articles wholesale and sell them elsewhere… except that nobody would pay for any of that dreck.

      drsamherman in reply to henrybowman. | February 13, 2024 at 12:03 pm

      Reminds me of the old computer science term GIGO—garbage in, garbage out….pretty sure that what most of these kids are putting out as “academic” work is pure sewage.

“the right has found a perfect weapon with which to hit the university — taken straight from the academy’s arsenal itself: claims of plagiarism.”

It is indeed a perfect weapon. It harms only those who have made themselves vulnerable to it.

“weaponized plagiarism”

Holding people accountable for cheating their way to the top is now a WMD for the socialist left.

Weaponizing, pouncing….What will be the next put-down of Republicans who have the gall to point out the failings of progressives/liberals/Democrats?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Was the article written by the Crimson staff or Chat GPT?

Not an idle question, by the way. Chronicle of Higher Ed has this:

“I’m a Student. You Have No Idea How Much We’re Using ChatGPT.”