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Terror Cell That Infiltrated Israel From Lebanon Eliminated As Hezbollah Continues Provocations And Attacks

Terror Cell That Infiltrated Israel From Lebanon Eliminated As Hezbollah Continues Provocations And Attacks

Israeli mother and son killed by Hezbollah missile fire in north.

With the Israeli military keeping up the pressure on terrorists in Gaza, a Hamas-linked terror cell on Sunday morning tried to enter into northern Israeli though Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon.

“Israel Defense Forces (IDF) overnight Saturday to Sunday identified and eliminated a terrorist cell, who crossed from Lebanon into the Jewish state,” the Israeli Tv channel i24NEWS reported.

The foiled attempt by Hamas terrorists comes a day after the IDF eliminated three members of a Palestinian terrorist cell trying to infiltrate Israel from Palestinian Authority-controlled West Bank.

The attack once again highlights the growing operational coordination between Hamas and Hezbollah, both Iran-sponsored terrorist group.

The Jerusalem Post reported:

The IDF eliminated three Hamas-affiliated terrorists who tried to infiltrate into Israel from Lebanon in the Mount Dov area early Sunday morning, according to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit.

Hezbollah has attacked and destroyed significant aspects of the IDF’s surveillance capabilities during the ongoing conflict since October, and there was an extremely misty and opaque haze in the area at the time, including heavy rain.

Akk of this, plus the many large boulders in the area, made it much more difficult to detect the penetration in advance, which enabled the Hamas forces to penetrate a couple hundred meters into the Mount Dov area, though still not close to any Israeli residential areas.

The terrorists were very well-armed with anti-tank missiles, grenades, and significant amounts of ammunition for their Kalashnikov rifles. (…)

Although the IDF forces killed the three Hamas forces, the attackers managed to wound five IDF soldiers, two moderately, and three lightly, when they engaged them with grenades.

The IDF also carried out artillery and mortar fire toward Lebanon during the incident, with Lebanese media reporting over 60 projectiles were fired toward the Shebaa Farms area of Lebanon in the incident.

Israeli mother and son killed by Hezbollah missile fire in north

Meanwhile, the Hezbollah terrorist militia continued to use Lebanese territory to fire missiles and artillery into Israel. A 76-zaer-old Israeli mother and her 48-year-old son were killed by a Hezbollah missile fire in northern Israel. The father also sustained serious wounds in the strike.

The news comes as an Iran-backed Lebanese terrorist group steps up of rocket and artillery fire into Israel. “Throughout the day (Sunday), a number of launches which were fired from Lebanon toward the communities of Misgav Am and Goren in northern Israel fell in open areas,” the Israeli military informed on Telegram. “A number of anti-tank missiles were also launched toward the areas of Zar’it, Shomera, and Kfar Yuval. In Kfar Yuval, the missile hit a house in Kfar and there were a number of Israeli casualties.”

An estimated 80,000 Israelis have been forced to evacuate their homes in the north since the Iran-backed terrorist group intensified attacks.

The Jerusalem Post reported:

The Israeli citizens killed on Sunday by an anti-tank missile from Lebanon were named as 40-year-old Barak Ayalon and his 70-year-old mother Mira, Israeli media reported on Sunday.

Ayalon was part of Kfar Yuval’s emergency response squad, where he was killed. His father was also seriously injured in the missile fire.

The IDF responded by targeting an operational command post as well as one other military target belonging to the Lebanon-based Iranian terror proxy, Hezbollah, on Sunday, the IDF stated.

“At 12:38 p.m., a report was received in MDA Yarden Region’s 101 Dispatch Centre of anti-tank guided missile fire in a village in the Upper Galilee,” the MDA spokesperson reported. “MDA Paramedics and EMTs, together with IDF Medical Teams, are providing medical treatment to an approximately 70-year-old female in serious condition, with multi-system injuries. She will be transported by helicopter to hospital.”

In the IDF announcement, the military said that several rocket launches from Lebanon had been identified throughout the day.

The Israeli Air Force conducted strikes against Hezbollah terror targets responsible for the recent cross-border attacks.  “A short while ago, IAF fighter jets completed a series of strikes in Lebanon. Among the targets struck were Hezbollah terrorist infrastructure and operational command centers in Lebanon,” the military disclosed in a statement Sunday evening. “The IAF also struck additional Hezbollah infrastructure and assets in Lebanon during the afternoon.”

IDF chief: military ‘completed dismantling of Hamas’ in northern Gaza

As Israel marks the 100th day since the massacre of October 7, the Israeli military has announced the successful dismantling of Hamas in the northern part of Gaza.

IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi announce Saturday that the military currently has “four combat divisions . . . operating in Gaza” and had “completed the dismantling of Hamas’ military frameworks in the northern Strip.”

Despite continued pressure from the Biden White House and several Western governments, the Israeli military was determined to carry out ground operations in Gaza until all the objectives were met, the military chief assured.

“Today, we approved plans for the Southern Command to continue combat and to increase military pressure on Hamas. Pressure that will lead to the dismantling of Hamas and the return of the hostages. This pressure, and only it, has succeeded in returning many hostages,” the IDF chief declared.

Israel’s ground offensive was focused on southern Gaza’s stronghold of Khan Yunis, an area containing a vast web of terror tunnels. Hamas’s top terrorist leadership and over 100 Israeli hostages are believed to be in Khan Yunis.

“The IDF stated operations in the Gaza Strip against terrorist operatives and infrastructure are continuing as the war against Hamas entered its 100th day on Sunday with launch pits used to fire rockets at Israel destroyed by IDF troops,” the Israeli broadcaster Arutz Sheva reported. “Over the past day, IDF troops continued to operate in Khan Yunis, during which nine terrorists were killed during joint IAF and ground forces’ activities throughout the city.”

The IDF reported the latest operations across Gaza in a statement on Sunday:

IDF operations in the Gaza Strip against terrorist operatives and infrastructure are continuing; launch pits used to fire rockets at Israel destroyed by IDF troops

In Maghazi [central Gaza], IDF troops identified two armed terrorists advancing toward a compound where the troops were located. The ground troops directed an IDF aircraft that struck and killed the terrorists, thwarting their attempt to attack the troops.

In Atatra [northwestern Gaza], IDF troops located and destroyed a number of launch pits from which rockets were launched toward Israeli territory.

In Khan Yunis, there was an additional instance where IDF troops located two armed terrorists, and directed an IDF aircraft that struck and killed the terrorists. In addition, IDF tanks killed five terrorists and located an underground shaft in the area of the city.

Over the past day, IDF troops continued to operate in Khan Yunis, during which nine terrorists were killed during joint IAF and ground forces’ activities throughout the city.


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There are myriad Islamic states around the world, but, Muslim supremacists, terrorists, Islamofascists and their European dhimmi and American Dhimmi-crat enablers and allies believe that Jews have no right to live in the modern revival of their ancient homeland — where their presence predates the supremacist and totalitarian ideology of “Submission,” by millennia — unmolested by Muslim belligerence and genocide-aspiring fanaticism.

So a mother and child were killed by Hesbullah firing a missile in to Israel?

Joe if I’m not mistaken, deliberately firing in to an area with the intention of killing civilians IS a war crime right? I’m sure the UN and the BBC et al will be all over this any second now.

    JohnSmith100 in reply to mailman. | January 14, 2024 at 3:34 pm

    This is an example of the 100000 to one principle, and why the punishment level should be increased to that level.

      There are about 5 million living in the West Bank and Gaza.

      Therefore, for only 50 Israeli deaths you’d have your excuse to wipe out the entire Palestinian population — including all women, children, and non-combatants.

      The death toll from the October 7 attack was 695 Israeli civilians, 373 security forces and 71 foreigners — a total of 1,139. At your proposed exchange of 100,000 to 1, that would equate to wiping out almost 114 million people. (Compared to those numbers, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao and Stalin were mere pikers.)

      You could exterminate the entire Palestinian population of the West Bank and Gaza 23 times over. Gee, do you think that’s enough?

        JohnSmith100 in reply to alien. | January 14, 2024 at 9:10 pm

        Try more like 7 million, do you want to negotiate a smaller number, say 10,000 to 1? 🙂 Also, how many Pales are in other countries? Are there any countries that are happy with Pales? The art of the deal.

        You can shop for the best price for things you want, but when you seal, as in lives, then you have to pay top dollar..

          “Try more like 7 million”


          3,000,021 (West Bank – 2022 est.)
          1,997,328 (Gaza Strip – 2022 est.)

          4,997,349 total.

          “…do you want to negotiate a smaller number, say 10,000 to 1?”


          JohnSmith100 in reply to JohnSmith100. | January 15, 2024 at 4:19 pm

          There are about 14.3 million Palestinians in the world in 2022, Are they pulling all sorts of crap everywhere?

America and many other countries have a problem with nuclear waste disposable. How about using it to create a DMZ far enough that inside Lebanon that it doesn’t represent a threat to Israel? It would be deadly to cross, and would provide long term protection.

    “It would be deadly to cross …”

    Not for missiles. (Or hang gliders. Or drones. Or aircraft.) Also, Israel and Lebanon share a coastline. But no military force has ever invaded another country by sea … oh, wait …

    “… and would provide long term protection.”

    Some nuclear waste has a half-life of up to 24,000 years — but the radiation would be spread throughout Israel by shifting earth (sand) and windborne particles.

    Really, really dumb idea.

      JohnSmith100 in reply to alien. | January 14, 2024 at 8:01 pm

      Some waste has a half life of about 250,000 years. So now the problem is how to stabilize it, lock it in place. I would say glass would work well for that.

      I do agree that it important to ensure that Israel not be damaged in any way.

      I think that this kind of barrier would prevent overland attacks.

      Now we need to look at comparably small drone swarms to patrol borders, both surveillance and antipersonnel. hat small a craft could not handle recoil from bullets, but small rockets with sodium metal payloads would be impressive.

      As a teen I used aluminum cigar tubes and an empty CO2 cartidge

        “I think that this kind of barrier would prevent overland attacks.”

        I already explained why it wouldnt.

        You began with a really, really dumb idea. And now you double down.

      Virginia42 in reply to alien. | January 16, 2024 at 7:49 am

      Not only that, but suicide killers would still be able to do their business before the radiation dose killed them.

BierceAmbrose | January 14, 2024 at 4:24 pm

“…highlights the growing operational coordination between Hamas and Hezbollah,”

More like “increasingly visible operational coordination…”

Even Hezbollah when stood down is part of a coordinated strategy between two proxies of the same sponsors; two elements of the same movement.

We’re getting to see the layered cabals operation more clearly. “Spontaneous” protests with perfect timing and pre-printed signs are just coincidence, I’m sure.

The over-the-top rhetoric about eliminating the “Palestinian” population overlooks a couple of things.

The other billion or more Muslims world wide would not be happy if this happened. If the final result is armies facing off at Har Megiddo, we might be in for an entertaining scene.

There is a small minority of Christians in Gaza, according to a couple of retired missionaries who The Bride and I know, who are almost certainly not belligerent toward Jews or Israel. Would they be spared?


    JohnSmith100 in reply to DSHornet. | January 16, 2024 at 8:00 am

    Who cares if other Muslims are happy or not? Those who actually assimilate and live in peace should be allowed to stay. Those who have children for the purpose of being martyrs should be expelled with their vile spawn.