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Biden Border Crisis: GOP Delegation Witness Migrants Trying to Cross at Eagle Pass

Biden Border Crisis: GOP Delegation Witness Migrants Trying to Cross at Eagle Pass

House Speaker Johnson: “The situation here and across the country is truly unconscionable. We would describe it as both heartbreaking and infuriating.”

A group of illegal immigrants attempted to cross the border at Eagle Pass, TX, during a visit from Republican lawmakers.

House Speaker Mike Johnson said, “One thing is absolutely clear: America is at breaking point with record levels of illegal immigration.”

Johnson added: “The situation here and across the country is truly unconscionable. We would describe it as both heartbreaking and infuriating.”

The border patrol encountered over 302,000 illegal immigrants in December, setting an all-time record for a month.

Johnson blamed the border crisis on Biden’s policies.

Biden’s policies and encouraging people to come to America during the campaign did not help. We have seen a huge influx of encounters and gotaways since Biden took office:

Republicans were clear that they blamed the crisis on the policies of the administration, pointing to the rollback of Trump-era policies like the Remain-in-Mexico policy and a greater number of releases of migrants into the interior, both under Notices to Appear and through the “expanded lawful pathways” set up by the administration.

“Rather than incentivizing people to come, the president needs to deter people from coming. Rather than discussing amnesty with Mexico…this administration should reinstate the Remain-in-Mexico policy,” he said.

“This is an unmitigated disaster, a catastrophe and what’s more tragic is it’s a disaster of the president’s own design,” he said, accusing the president of putting out a “welcome mat” for illegal immigrants.

But the fact is that both parties have had so many opportunities since whenever the last time we touched the immigration system. They’ve all had opportunities to do more for the border, too.

Immigration and border security have long been a problem. Like the universities, it needs a complete overhaul.


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Got a bad feeling. This smacks of theater. Just background for a supposed great bipartisan “compromise” that of course will do nothing.

Of course it’s nothing but theater. If they were serious, they’d refused to give that pedophile in the White House anything until he fixes it. Not one goddamn thing, and if the country goes down the drain as a result it’s the pedophiles fault.

    BierceAmbrose in reply to Ironclaw. | January 3, 2024 at 8:39 pm

    Yeah, they’re not serious. Along with The Feckless R’s owning their own power as you said, they could work the politics.

    Make an immigration proposal set up to bring in people coming here to make a better life for themselves, excluding people coming to take better life from other folks. Steal the issue. Vaguely claiming the other guys are really trying to add new clients to their coalition, trip them on their own tactic.

      Milhouse in reply to BierceAmbrose. | January 3, 2024 at 9:43 pm

      Make an immigration proposal set up to bring in people coming here to make a better life for themselves, excluding people coming to take better life from other folks

      That would be great but how do you tell them apart?

      Obviously if there were no welfare then they’d sort themselves out. The second kind wouldn’t come. But if we can’t abolish welfare how do we tell who is in which category?

        BierceAmbrose in reply to Milhouse. | January 6, 2024 at 8:50 pm

        This is long, but hey, you asked.

        Going with the thought experiment… our Overlords like surveillance. Let folks who come here in, watch what they do, and sort by their behavior.

        Brainstorming here, how about issue everyone admitted a phone? (I’d call it an “Obama Phone” just to stir people up.) Now we know right were they are, all the time. Maybe include a monitored payment account via that phone. (You can’t open a bank account in the US without some govt ID these days. Fine, non-citizen immigrants won’t have a US govt ID. BUT the govt will provide them access to the banking system through these different kinda accounts, at the low, low cost of being surveilled. Fauxohantis wanted to supplant consumer banking for *everyone* with a roughly similar service, administered through the Post Office, so that must be an OK govt thing. AND people give up their privacy for easy access to cat videos. So not such a burden.)

        The thought experiment pulls out four nubs around the immigration issue:

        — Do we wanna have different categories of people, treated differently: citizens, residents, immigrants, migrants, illegal immigrants, foreign nationals, felons, pan-national NGOs?

        — Are citizens directed elements of the apparatus, or autonomous agents enabled by its protections, and protected from its depredations? Who’s in charge, for who’s benefit?

        — What is our compact with each other, here? What do we want it to be?

        — The prior “immigration system” worked in part like a lower-tech form of this thought experiment at least some of the time: come on in and join the partnership eventually. Or screw up and leave. That’s been mutating away, kind of on the sly, a bit at a time. What’s up with making changes like these that way?

        I can make a case for my own preferred responses for each of those nubs, and for several alternatives. There are also at least three additional “nub” arguments tangled up in immigration as an issue.

        I’m cribbing a couple of those “nubs” and the notion of them from The Thirteen American Arguments. Brilliant book. Net, the US encompasses 13 running arguments. Our conventions and institutions are driven by our answers to those. The experiment in governing ourselves means grappling with them. They don’t get resolved; just the answers refined.

        One example, speaking for myself not the book: nub arguments round the civil war and civil rights would be something like: “What’s a person?”, “Who’s a citizen?”, and “What goes along with being a person, or a citizen?” Refinements uncovered would be something like: “A person is a human — skin color doesn’t matter.” “You can’t own a human — people aren’t property.” “Some stuff doesn’t determine who’s a citizen or not — skin color doesn’t matter.” “Citizens are all treated equally under the law — you can’t have different laws by skin tone, for one.”

        Today the same nubs continue: maybe those declarations want some refinement; maybe there’s better application to be had, maybe there are some other nub arguments that relate, like whats the role of the federal, state and local governments?

        Myself, I’m OK with tracking whether people who seek to become citizens of the US behave in line with the compact in place among citizens. All of that imprecisely defined, and inconsistently implemented. Humans are messy. And if we want to monitor non-citizens to sort some out, well maybe that’s helpful, and not just because it’ll give Lizzy Warren something to keep her busy.

    Ghostrider in reply to Ironclaw. | January 4, 2024 at 7:11 am

    Joe Biden is failing and deliberately not executing the oath of his office

Legislation required:
If you came illegally you can NEVER VOTE
If you vote contrary to the prohibition, 20 year mandatory minimum

This isn’t hard

    That should fix it…

    Sanddog in reply to rduke007. | January 3, 2024 at 7:25 pm

    Every illegal alien should be DNA tested and the results placed in a registry. If they come back over illegally again and are a match, automatic prison sentence.

    Milhouse in reply to rduke007. | January 3, 2024 at 9:50 pm

    Immigrants can’t vote anyway until they’re naturalized, and people who come illegally are already ineligible for naturalization, and so can’t ever vote legally. So your proposed legislation is already the law now.

    Now the illegal immigrants are hoping that future legislation will allow them to be naturalized; I understand that you would like to close that option off permanently, but Congress can’t do that. No Congress can bind its successors, so there’s always going to be the possibility of a future amnesty. All current politicians can do is announce that it won’t happen on their watch, but such an announcement doesn’t involve legislation.

      henrybowman in reply to Milhouse. | January 4, 2024 at 1:38 am

      “Immigrants can’t vote anyway until they’re naturalized”
      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

        Milhouse in reply to henrybowman. | January 4, 2024 at 6:35 am

        Immigrants can’t vote until naturalized. People registering to vote are required to declare under penalty of perjury that they are US citizens. That it’s possible to cheat doesn’t change that.

        The Dems don’t need immigrants in order to cheat. Anyone willing to cheat can just register themselves ten or twenty times, under different names, or register eligible people whom they know to be unlikely to vote; they don’t need to bring in immigrants just to register them illegally.

        In any case, we are discussing rduke007’s proposed legislation, so the fact that it is possible to break the law is irrelevant. It would be no harder to break his proposed law than it is to break the current one, which already does everything his proposal would. His proposal is like saying the legislature should pass a law making it illegal to illegally buy a gun. It’s already illegal to do that, and making it illegal again can’t change anything.

    Illegal is illegal. Shouldn’t coming in the wrong way should mean not being allowed to stay?
    Definitely need to cut incentives-
    No benefits, no anchor babies, use E-verify.

Mary really, an overhaul? How about the enforcement promised in the ’86 Amnesty? How about start rounding up and deporting those present illegally? How about going after their employers? How about going after the web of religious entities and lefty NGOs who facilitate the crime?

Those items could be done now without any new legislation. What is lacking is political will. How about this for an overhaul of immigration? No more until all the illegals are deported and those granted temp asylum are adjudicated? Align the incentives to split the current pro open borders coalition, peel off employers from the activists, from the bleeding hearts. Y’all want ANY new immigrants ever again? Work through the backlog asylum cases then deport the 95%+ of them who won’t qualify AND the tens of millions of illegal immigrants already present. Then we can discuss the possibility of new applicants for lawful immigration. Not before.

We have immigration laws. They need to be enforced, starting at the border. I know people here on work permits that have to spend thousands of dollars and years waiting for a green card when millions are flooding over the southern border and being treated like either victims or heros. They are not. The number of true asylum cases is a drop in the bucket compared to the numbers claiming asylum thanks to left wing NGOs that give them a script and instruct them in the lies they need to tell.

How about impeaching the President for not just failing to secure the border but actively encouraging the invasion?


How about cutting off all funding to government agencies until the border is secured and make Biden explain himself to the American public why it must continue?


Okay, but at least cut off all funding to Ukraine and Latin America until the border is secured?

Umm… no

What can you do?

Oh, a lot! We can strongly advocate for real solutions.

Such as, what,… a wall… razor wire… electric fences… guard towers with snipers?

No! Real Solutions. We go to the border and put on a concerned look on our faces and then send out fundraising letters.

And that’s a “Real Solution” how?

It keeps our millionaire donor base happy so that they can have a large pool of laborers that are happy to work for 30 cents on the dollar, this way they don’t have to raise your wages to hedge against inflation.

    txvet2 in reply to George S. | January 4, 2024 at 2:08 pm

    “”It keeps our millionaire donor base happy so that they can have a large pool of laborers that are happy to work for 30 cents on the dollar””

    That was the old days. Now, the illegals cheerfully admit that they’re coming to get on welfare – or at least those who aren’t coming to join the Chinese Foreign Legion.

This will never, ever end. It’s all theater and I don’t know truly who or why is behind this.

Those who came illegally cannot stay under any terms. We need Operation Wetback II. Bring back Ike and Jumpin’ Joe Swing.