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Andrew Sullivan Slams University Presidents Over Anti-Semitism Hearing

Andrew Sullivan Slams University Presidents Over Anti-Semitism Hearing

“The mediocrities smirked, finessed, condescended, and stonewalled.”

I don’t often agree with Sullivan, but he is right about this.

From his Substack:

The Day The Empress’ Clothes Fell Off

It may be too much to expect that the Congressional hearings this week, starring the three presidents of Harvard, MIT, and Penn, will wake people up to the toxic collapse of America’s once-great Ivy League. But I can hope, can’t I? In the immortal words of Hitch (peace be upon him), as you listen to these people, “You see how far the termites have spread, and how long and well they have dined.”

The mediocrities smirked, finessed, condescended, and stonewalled. Take a good look at them. These are the people who now select our elites. And they select them, as they select every single member of the faculty, and every student, by actively discriminating against members of certain “privileged” groups and aggressively favoring other “marginalized” ones. They were themselves appointed in exactly the same way, from DEI-approved pools of candidates. As a Harvard dean, Claudine Gay’s top priority was “making more progress on diversity,” i.e. intensifying the already systemic race, sex and gender discrimination that defines the place.

Thanks to the recent Supreme Court case, the energetic discrimination against Asian-American candidates for admission at Harvard is no longer in doubt. But countless other candidates for admission have little to no chance, regardless of their grades, or extracurriculars, because they belong to the wrong race, sex, sexual orientation, and “gender identity.” As soon as students are admitted under this identity framework, they are taught its core precepts: that the “truth” — or, in Harvard’s now-ironic motto, “Veritas” — is a function not of logic or reason or of open, free, robust debate and dialogue, let alone of Western civilization, but of inimical and evil “power structures” rooted in identity that need to be dismantled first. Identity first; truth second — because truth is rooted in identity and cannot exist outside of it.


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I’m sort of surprised not to have seen blue apologists complaining that “these big, bad men chose three wimmin to pick on!”

“The mediocrities smirked, finessed, condescended, and stonewalled.”

Now, that’s just not fair. It takes exceptional talent to come off badly compared to a collection of congresscritters, especially at a “hearing.” And we got to see not just how good they are, and at what. Kudos.

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Go to college outside the U.S.

There are many, many options.

It’s almost always much less costly than in the U.S.

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One way to know that this is a terrific idea is that you and your family have probably never, ever, ever, ever been encouraged to even look into it as a theoretical possibility.

Trust me. Think globally. You’ll thank me later. Or, even better, just “pay it forward.”


If you send your child and your money to an American college or university today, it’s like sending your child and your money to the bar in the original Star Wars movie.

Yes it is that bad.

At the official orientation at Ohio State a speaker encouraged freshmen to consider OnlyFans if they were feeling strapped for cash.

The people who run most of these institutions are not there to benefit your child or your family.