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U. Arizona Profs: Hamas is an Anti-Zionist Resistance Group, Not ‘Antisemitic’ or ‘Terrorists’

U. Arizona Profs: Hamas is an Anti-Zionist Resistance Group, Not ‘Antisemitic’ or ‘Terrorists’

The professors also told students they can support “Palestine” by participating the BDS movement and march.

What the what? Hamas is antisemitic and anti-Zionist. U. Arizona professors Rebecca Lopez and Rebecca Zapien told a “Cultural Pluralism for Young Children” class, which is exactly what you think it is, that Hamas is misunderstood:

One of them concedes that Hamas representatives appear to be “like, speaking, like very antisemitic,” but is countered by her peer who says “they’re probably anti-Zionist, which, again, is about the Israeli state.”

“Antisemitism,” the second professor continues, “is different than being anti-Zionist.”

The first professor then claims the Hamas “movement” is about how Israel and the Zionists “have been taking away and taking away and blockading [Palestinians] so that they’re not allowed to leave, and they’re tired of that.”

She goes on to say it is “so exhausting” for Palestinians “to be constantly treated like crap, like you don’t matter,” and that Hamas is merely “responding” to this — much like the Black Panthers did in the U.S. during the civil rights struggle of 60-plus years ago.

This professor then states Hamas “doesn’t represent the Palestinian people” as they are “not elected officials.” (In fact, they are.) She says she “thinks [she] thought [Hamas] was a terrorist group” because people “just say” so, and her peer notes that “language matters.”

Despite having the ability to target its weapons, Israel puts “churches, shelters, schools [and] hospitals” in its crosshairs, the first professor continues. The targeting “seems to be very intentional and deliberate,” she says.

After a student in the class says Zionists are “almost as cruel as Nazis” and another student objects, one professor jumps in to say “genocide is awful” and that the “part that’s really brutal to think about is that there have been many holocausts” … but “we’re only taught about World War II.”

UPDATE 11-14-2023:

We received the following statement from the Director of Media Relations at the University of Arizona:

“The college and university will determine how to proceed after they have completed an ongoing investigation. In the meantime, alternative instructors will be taking on responsibilities for the course in question.”


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Hitler’s Nazis we’re a resistance organization.

When they invaded Poland unprovoked on 1 September 1939, Hitler went on radio to reassert that his tanks were attacking Polish horse cavalry because ongoing Polish aggression was intolerable.

These U Az folks are rubes or they just want to test how far the latest Hamas talking point will fly. Just like Hitler.

Stalin and his ex-buddy Hitler referred to them as “useful idiots.”

Cultural pluralism, hmmm? It seems to include the rape, mutilation, torture, and murder of women. It seems to include sadistically killing children in front of their parents. It seems to include kidnapping infants. It seems to include the grossly misapplication of humanitarian aid to further their criminal enterprise. My take away is that cultural pluralism encompasses not just the good but the depraved.

Two airhead, leftist dimwits, with Hebraic first names, expressing their feelings, how touching. Very low bar these days for becoming a “professor”

Academic institutions have always been infested by a variety of grotesque subcultures that can only exist in reality free zones. Periodically these get stirred up by opportunistic demagogues, and the results are often bizarre because of their flagrant rejection of the annoying constraints of reason. They get loud and disruptive to draw attention and entice recruits from the pseudo intellectual flotsam drifting in the eddies of wasted potential, and the results of this have been manifested in a series of radicalized spasms of fringe political ideology that accomplish nothing but chaos. Examples include the Marxist fling of the Thirties, the SDS bombings of the Sixties and the emergence of the Climate Cultists in the Nineties. We are obviously nearing the crest of the latest 30 year cycle, so we might as well sit back and enjoy the show from a safe distance while they self destruct, as they always eventually do. Just be glad that so much of it takes place only in the ideological leper colonies that were once called institutions of Higher Learning.