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Netherlands: Geert Wilders’ Victory Shocks EU Establishment and Mainstream Media 

Netherlands: Geert Wilders’ Victory Shocks EU Establishment and Mainstream Media 

Angry Dutch climate activists hold ‘Not-My-Prime Minister’ demonstration. 

European mainstream media and political establishment are shocked after the stunning election victory of Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom (PVV) in the Dutch elections. Wilders gained popular support by promising de-Islamization of the Netherlands, a Brexit-style referendum, and the axing of EU-imposed climate regulations.

Geert Wilders, among the first European politicians to take a stand against Islamism and mass migration, led his party to win the most seats in the parliament, beating most opinion polls. Wilders-led PVV won 37 seats in a 150-seat lower house, 12 more than outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s conservative party.

Wilders needs an additional 39 seats to secure a majority of 76 in the lower house. Some right-wing parties may join his government, news reports suggest. The like-minded Farmer–Citizen Movement (BBB), which opposes EU-backed climate measures against Dutch farmers, won 7 seats.

“Pieter Omtzigt, a former centrist Christian Democrat who built his own New Social Contract party in three months to take 20 seats, said he would always be open to talks,” the Associated Press reported.

European newspapers smeared Wilders with alarmist and baseless allegations. The Italian newspaper La Repubblica called him a politician with an “anti-EU, anti-Islamic, anti-migrant and with a pro-Russian past.”

Even before a Wilders-led government can be formed, “the nationalist and the far-right [supporters] across Europe are congratulating and already celebrating,” the Italian daily added.

The mainstream media worried about the signal Wilders’ election gains might send to the continent’s growing Muslim population and illegal immigrants swarming Europe.

“News that Wilders’ far-right, anti-Islam party had emerged with the most votes set off alarm bells for Dutch Muslims over what might lie ahead in a country once regarded as a beacon of tolerance,” the London-based Guardian newspaper lamented.

The Un-elected EU commissars and bureaucrats occupying positions of power are also panicking over the election result.

“Anxiety about the election results is growing” among the EU and Europe’s political establishment, Germany’s state-run DW TV noted. “Wilders’ victory is expected to have far-reaching consequences in the Netherlands and Europe. The anti-EU politician has vowed to halt all immigration, slash Dutch payments to the union and block the entrance of any new members, including Ukraine.”

The DW reported the reaction of Europe’s ruling elite:

However, some also expressed trepidation over the election outcome. Frans Timmermans, leader of the Green/Labor left-wing bloc, said: “Democracy has spoken, now it’s time for us to defend democracy, to defend the rule of law. We have to make a fist against exclusion, against discrimination.”

“The distress and fear are enormous… Wilders is known for his ideas about Muslims and Moroccans. We are afraid that he will portray us as second-class citizens” said Habib El Kaddouri, head of the Dutch organization representing Dutch-Moroccans.

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said Wilders’ election victory was a consequence of “all the fears that are emerging in Europe” over immigration and the economy.

The French newspaper Le Figaro called the election outcome a “political earthquake that will be felt well beyond the borders of the Netherlands.”

EU bosses have a real reason to worry about a Wilders-led government in the Netherlands, the European bloc’s founding member. “The election results sent shudders through Brussels, as Wilders has openly called for a “Nexit” referendum on leaving the EU,” the US news website Politico noted.

Climate militants enraged by ‘climate denying’ Wilders win

Left-wing agitators in the Netherlands were angered over the victory of a candidate opposed to their globalist climate agenda.

Wilders has vowed to scrap EU-dictated climate regulations hurting farmers and ordinary people. “No wasting billions on pointless climate hobbies, but more money for our people,” Wilders promised in his election manifesto.

Enrage by the election outcome, climate militants hit the streets with a childish ‘Not-My-Prime Minister’ demonstration, Guardian reported:

Climate activists from Greenpeace Netherlands said they were protesting this afternoon in The Hague, waving banners that say “No climate denier as our prime minister”.


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Will they Trump him?

“I’m going back to my country,’ says this Muslim with the suitcase in his hand.”

‘Back to my country’ says far more about this Muslim than it does about Wilders.

“The Italian newspaper La Repubblica called him a politician with an “anti-EU, anti-Islamic, anti-migrant and with a pro-Russian past.””

Please. Stop. You don’t have to persuade me. I was already a big fan of Wilders.

Will we see this kind of policy turnaround in 2025, I sure as hell like Geert Wilders style and agenda. Will it catch on like a wildfire in Europe?

It’s really nice to see the terrorists of the radical far leftists, people hating governments and media so scared of the people for a change.
Radical far leftists should be banned from anything but cleaning out pig stalls.
I really don’t like the radical far leftists.

    Whitewall in reply to 4fun. | November 23, 2023 at 9:02 pm

    I agree with you. So much so that I would drop the ‘radical far’ and just leave the ‘leftists’.

It’s great that his party won so many seats, but trying to pretend that he’s in control of the government is a little optimistic.

“Italian newspaper La Repubblica called him a politician with an “anti-EU, anti-Islamic, anti-migrant and with a pro-Russian past.”

Smear? Allegations? You say that like these are bad things.

    Pro-Russia/Putin is being in favor of a country which guarantees the borders of another country in (IIRC) 1999 and invades that country covertly and overtly in 2014 and solely overtly in 2024. Not a good thing, though the rest of the list are good things.

Non of the far left wing media trash nor the politicians whose rear ends they sniff describe what he’s FOR. It’s always “anti” this or that.

He probably won the most seats because he’s pro Dutch. Pro Dutch sovereignty; pro Dutch farmers; pro Dutch free enterprise; pro Dutch traditional values.

Probably he’s pro Dutch tulips, Dutch Gouda cheese, and Dutch bicycle riding.

    I have One America News (OAN) in my news feed – a supposedly ‘far-right’ news source – and I’ve noticed it does this a lot with various people, or organizations. IE: Anti this, and anti that in their headlines as opposed to describing them as pro whatever.

    It’s almost as if all of media colludes in a disinformation persuasion campaign. But that’s just cRaZy talk!

    And farmers. I’m betting Gert is pro farmers.

So is it acceptable to deny election results now, or is it only in Europe where it’s not equivalent to insurrection?

Asking for a friend.

Wilders’s career really took off after he began his association with Sy Sperling.

I’m shocked, shocked to discover that people being run out of their livelihoods object to it.

Round up the usual suspects.