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More Evidence of Hamas Using Gaza Hospitals for Launching Rockets, Hiding Tunnels and Terrorists 

More Evidence of Hamas Using Gaza Hospitals for Launching Rockets, Hiding Tunnels and Terrorists 

i24NEWS TV channel: Israel’s military spokesman “showed photo evidence of several rocket launchpads placed in close proximity to hospitals as to prevent IDF strikes.”

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) declassified intelligence on Sunday showing how terrorist group Hamas was hiding behind civilians and using hospitals for its terrorist offensive against the Israeli military operating in Gaza.

While the Israeli military was undertaking every possible measure to minimize harm to civilians in Gaza, Hamas was using hospitals as bases for terrorist operations and as launch pads for firing rockets at Israeli ground troops, IDF Spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari disclosed during a social media briefing on Sunday afternoon.

Hamas was not merely using hospitals for its terrorist activities, but had built them strategically to cover up its command posts and tunnel infrasture, the imagery released by the IDF showed.

At the online briefing, Israeli military spokesman “screened a video showing a shaft leading underground Sheikh Hamad Hospital, which he said is connected to Hamas tunnel networks. He showed photo evidence of several rocket launchpads placed in close proximity to hospitals as to prevent IDF strikes,” the Israeli TV channel i24NEWS reported.

The Times of Israel reported:

In a briefing to international media outlets, IDF Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari reveals new intelligence information and evidence showing Hamas’s use of medical facilities in the Gaza Strip for terror purposes.

Hagari presents a video showing an underground entrance from Sheikh Hamad Hospital, which he says connects to Hamas tunnel networks.

Another video shows Hamas gunmen opening fire at Israeli forces from the hospital.

“If it weren’t enough that we exposed a tunnel under the hospital, the terrorists also shot at our soldiers from within the hospital,” Hagari says.

He says the IDF has intelligence of a tunnel network under the so-called Indonesian Hospital, as well as aerial imagery showing rocket launchers a few dozen meters from the complex.

“Hamas systematically built the Indonesian Hospital to disguise its underground terror infrastructure,” Hagari says.

He also presents recordings of calls between Hamas officials describing their use of fuel reserves that belong to the Indonesian Hospital. (…)

“Our war is with Hamas, not the civilians in Gaza. We will not accept Hamas’s cynical use of hospitals, to hide their terror infrastructure. Hamas’s exploitation of hospitals must come to an end,” Hagari says.

The IDF spokesman showed how IDF was sending text messages and air dropping leaflets with instructions to civilians on how to leave the combat zones.

During the briefing IDF “offered video evidence of Hamas violently deterring Gazans from moving to a safer area, as the IDF urges them through some six millions of leaflets dropped from the air,” the i24NEWS reported.

The IDF spokesman also revealed details of an Hamas attack on Israeli troops trying to secure the evacuation route on Saturday. The terrorist group had set up roadblocks to stop the movement of civilians, he disclosed.

Describing IDF’s efforts to keep Gaza civilians out of the harm’s way, the Jerusalem Post noted:

Israeli forces prioritized evacuation offers above other operational missions in the Gaza Strip, IDF spokesperson R.-Adm. Daniel Hagari reassured on Sunday in a statement presenting Israeli evidence showing Hamas’s use of hospitals in Gaza as bases of operation.

Over a million and a half pamphlets were dropped into Gaza by Israeli fighter jets since the beginning of the operation, Hagari said, showing footage of an aircraft dropping the pamphlets and another video of a journalist showing and reading the IDF pamphlets.

Close to six million phone calls were carried out by the IDF’s Spokesperson’s Office, he added. “Hamas is weak without human shields,” Hagari said.

Watch the full IDF briefing here:


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I’m shocked, shocked I tell you!
Well, maybe not that shocked…

johnny dollar | November 5, 2023 at 4:55 pm

No matter what the Israelis do, they are going to be blamed for everything. They might as well go ahead and blow up the hospital.

    The laws of armed conflict allow them to do that, and they should do that. Allowing barbarians to profit from war crimes is morally wrong.

They believe in the Russia hoax, Jussie, al Dura, and that Obama actually is his fictional representation. They would never question that “Palestinians” are peace loving, having the best of intentions except for those Jews. No matter what is offered, they will find something else. They will never be convinced, or so it seems. They hold so much power. No wonder things are is such sorry state.

Each time events of this nature occur with Hamas, the left pretend Hamas has no track record, no known tendencies or strategies, and no knowledge of the fact that Hamas has always used humans as shields.

We see what Hamas does, the get this from the new Ambassador:

“As President Biden has said so passionately, Israel has a right and indeed a responsibility to defend this nation and its people in a manner that reflects the values that we share.”

Implying that Israel does not. What a putz.

“By any means necessary.”
“Hamas kills babies and uses hospitals and civilians as shields.”
“That’s Israeli propaganda.”

How does muslim culture support using other muslims as human shields??

That’s not martyrdom.

Sadly, I think that Hamas has forced Israel into this situation and that there is no other viable option for Israel than an extended campaign against them. For some decades Israel has tried the “kill a roach when you see one” approach, but obviously unless you destroy the nest the problem only gets bigger: as we have seen.

I believe that Israel must and will continue regardless of European opinion. They will be criticized regardless of what they do: but you are hung no higher for a sheep than for a lamb. Besides, better to be hung for defending yourself than to commit suicide through inaction.

The worst thing however is that it will be impossible to remove every Palestinian from Gaza, and even if that were successful it would simply move the problem. I cannot see any viable permanent solution. Israel will always have to fight to exist.

Did anybody else see The Dirty Dozen? That’s how you handle bad guys in tunnels.

If Hamas insists on using a hospital as cover for their terroristic operations that renders said hospital a legitimate military target.
Level the hospital and seal off the tunnel entrances.

In the long run, the best way to protect Gazan civilians is to occupy Gaza and not leave until _every_ Hamas member is dead, along with every “civilian” that followed the Hamas troops into Israel, and everyone who ever took up arms against Israel or encouraged others to become suicide bombers.

Or perhaps they need to kill everyone over 3 years old and find someone to adopt the babies who won’t raise them to be fanatic rapists and murderers.