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Jewish Students at MIT Allegedly Physically Blocked From Entering Buildings by Anti-Israel Protesters

Jewish Students at MIT Allegedly Physically Blocked From Entering Buildings by Anti-Israel Protesters

“Many Jewish students fear leaving their dorm rooms and have stated that they feel MIT is not safe for Jews”

If this story is accurate, it is time for law enforcement to intervene. MIT obviously can’t handle the problem on their own.

The New York Post reports:

Jewish students at MIT blocked from attending classes by ‘hostile’ anti-Israel protesters

Jewish students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology say they were prevented from attending classes by a “blockade” of hostile anti-Israel students — and fear the school is “not safe for Jews.”

An open letter penned by the MIT Israel Alliance alleges that Jewish and Israeli students were “physically” obstructed from classrooms by a “hostile” pro-Palestinian group called the Coalition Against Apartheid (CAA).

“This is after students from the CAA harassed MIT staff members in their offices for being Jewish and interrupted classes in the past few weeks,” the letter read.

“Many Jewish students fear leaving their dorm rooms and have stated that they feel MIT is not safe for Jews,” the letter continues.

“This message is compounded by the public and private warnings of Hillel [the school’s graduate Jewish community] and many faculty that Jewish students should not enter MIT’s main lobby today.”

Four hours after the CAA protest began, the administration told students to leave the lobby and threatened them with suspension — but only the Jewish students who were there to counterprotest left, according to the group.

“Indeed, the CAA proceeded to invite more students and non-MIT protestors to join them in calling for a violent uprising (“Intifada”) and justifying the terror attacks of Hamas on Israeli civilians,” the alliance said.

An hour later, all students received an emergency notification telling them to avoid the area, “officially recognizing the danger present to students as a result of this violent protest.”


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If you got admitted to MIT then you have what it takes to succeed in any elite college in the world.

In any language.

Whether or not you have the self-respect and the grit to walk away from MIT— or just start with a leave of absence — well, that remains to be seen.

One thing I do know: Life generally rewards the bold and the brave, not the punkasses and the bitches.

Good luck.

It’ll never happen in America, right?

It’s not happening already in America, right?

I’ll never have to flee like Cubans did 1959
I’ll never have to flee like Iranians did 1979
Or like Russians 1905, 1917, et al
Or like European Jews 1930s
Or like South Vietnamese 1970s
And so on
And so forth

And the recent “protests” at MIT … these are valid, mostly peaceful expressions of speech.

Yeah! That’s it! They’re just advocating for justice!! Who could blame them!!?! They really really really care about justice. And living peacefully amongst neighbors. Their main concern is dignity. And civil society. And respect for the US constitution.

And those threats, those are mostly peaceful threats that you should get psychotherapy for.

And those classes you missed? Oh come now, you’ve surely missed one or two classes over the years.

Nothing to see here.

Nothing to see here at all.

Nothing to worry about.

Move along.

Move right along.



Or else

What in the world has happened to MIT!!! They have now allowed Jewish students to be blocked from attending classes??? Suzy Weiss published an expose in Common Sense in 2022 regarding how MIT’s golden boy researcher, David Sabitini, was forced out of his laboratory and made pretty much unhireable in academic circles by the claims of harassment by a female researcher, who did not work for him or in his lab. It was brutal. The catch is that David Sabitini was on the list for a Nobel Prize for his research into cancer, research which was stopped dead by a female’s attack. This may not appear to be relevant to the current Jewish persecution on campus, but … the country’s top research university threw out their top cancer researcher due to petty, unsubstantiated accusations of sexual harassment by a woman who now runs her own lab at MIT. Just how bd is the collapse of standards at MIT?

The Board of Trustees should demand that every one of those students blocking others from attending classes be expelled and fire everyone from the top down who refuses to do so.

MIT is woke trash DUMPSTER FIRE!

CRT + DEI + BLM + LGBT = woke trash dumpster fire

Do the math.