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Israel’s Response To October 7 Massacre Triggers Virulent Antisemitic Pro-Hamas Demonstrations Across Europe

Israel’s Response To October 7 Massacre Triggers Virulent Antisemitic Pro-Hamas Demonstrations Across Europe

UK media, politicians slam ‘far-right’ for disrupting London’s ‘pro-Palestinian’ demonstration.

Israel’s counter-terrorism operation in Gaza triggered angry pro-Hamas demonstrations in London, Berlin, Brussels and other European cities. Tens and thousands of largely immigrant Muslims turned out for anti-Israel rallies, marked with violent clashes and antisemitic incidents.

Islamist and pro-jihad demonstrators are joined by useful idiots from the European Left, who see terror-supporting Palestinians as allies in their struggle for Utopian Socialism.

These ‘pro-Palestinian’ rallies are accompanied with antisemitic attacks on Europe’s tiny and dwindling Jewish population “The public prosecutor’s office is investigating the attempted arson attack on a Jewish community in Berlin,” German state TV ARD reported recently. “Since Hamas’ attack on Israel, more than 200 antisemitic cases have been registered in Germany.”

In London, hundreds and thousands of pro-Hamas marchers on Saturday were confronted by English nationalists, who wanted to prevent them from desecrating British monuments and war memorials as their anti-Israel rally coincided with Armistice Day, marking the end of the WWI.

The UK media and politicians condemned ‘far-right’ demonstrators for guarding national symbols. “Far-right protesters repeatedly tried to ambush pro-Palestinian supporters on a huge march across central London,” The Times of London reported Saturday.

The mainstream media blamed the ‘far-right’ for disrupting the pro-Hamas demonstration. “More than 300,000 people gathered in London for a pro-Palestinian march as police arrested dozens of mainly far-right counter-protesters seeking to disrupt what had turned into a hot political issue,” the Bloomberg reported.

Ahead of Saturday’s pro-Hamas march, the London police apparently remove the Union Jacks from national war memorial. The Daily Mail (UK) reported November 5:

The Metropolitan Police vowed to use ‘all its powers’ to prevent disruption on the day of reflection and were seen out in force this weekend guarding the Cenotaph, which has been stripped of its British flags and surrounded by metal barriers.

Scotland Yard said the Union Jacks had been removed as part of a routine clean ahead of the memorial weekend adding that they would be returned soon after anger and confusion erupted on social media at the sight of the bare monument.

Uncontrolled mass-migration from the Middle East and Muslim-majority North Africa, has converted major European cities into strongholds for Islamic radicalism. Israel’s anti-terror offensive in Gaza gave many jihad-supporters an opportunity to come out in full force.

“Several thousand people took part in a demonstration in Dublin city centre in support of Palestine today,” Irish state broadcaster RTÉ reported. “Around 1,500 people attended the march in Cork city in support of Palestine.”

Similar “peaceful” pro-Hamas demonstration took place in the Belgian capital of Brussels. The France24 TV channel reported:

Many of the protesters yelled “free Palestine” and “stop the genocide” as they participated in the peaceful demonstration that took place on Armistice Day, a public holiday in Belgium and other countries to mark the signing of the armistice that ended World War I.

Some also cried out “EU, shame on you” for perceived bias towards Israel at the expense of Palestinian lives and rights.

Brussels police, which put the turnout at 21,000, watched over the march and closed traffic on several roads as it wended through the city for two hours.

Berlin: Pro-Hamas mob angered by Israel flag; Berlin state bans antisemitic “From the River to the Sea” slogan

In Berlin, a mob of Hamas supporters got enraged when a resident waved an Israeli flag from his apartment. A video clip showed demonstrators kicking the person’s door and shouting threats at him.

“Residents waved an Israeli flag,” German weekly Der Fokus reported Saturday. “This angered the Demonstrators, who booed and screamed.” According to the magazine, “one of the Israel-haters reportedly broke into the house. Another video shows an unknown person kicking the residential apartment’s front door.”

But there is still some silver lining despite this dark pro-jihad cloud over Germany. Berlin reportedly became the first German state to ban the antisemitic “From the River to the Sea” slogan. “Berlin appears to be the only one of the 16 German federal states to outlaw the chant ”From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free,” which has often been heard at mass rallies in the capital city. The criminal penalty for incitement to hate can be a prison term or a fine,” the Israeli TV channel i24NEWS reported Friday.

Pro-Israel demonstrations are a rare thing in German cities nowadays. Every pro-Israel gathering is met with a much larger pro-Hamas mob.

Here is a video I myself took on October 19 in the Germany city of Bonn, showing a few dozen of us (pro-Israel demonstrators) surrounded by 600 Hamas supporters screaming Allahu Akbar and trying to shout us down. Only a strong police presence prevented them from getting into a hitting-distance from us.


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Diversity is our strength!

    You would think this would be a warning to stop all immigration of these racists scum. But you would be wrong. Britain actually sides with Muslim fanatics, to the extent it will arrest anyone who voices any doubt about the practices and beliefs of these fanatic parasites.

      MattMusson in reply to puhiawa. | November 12, 2023 at 1:58 pm

      The Prime Minister of Hungary said it best: “We don’t want Terrorism. We don’t want heroin gangs. We don’t want mini-Gazas.”

      What he said.

        The Budapest Police have denied a permit for a proPalestine rally on the grounds it can lead to violence and endanger security.
        The PM has said that in the past the Jewish community was not protected and that this can never happen again. “In the future, the Hungarian government will protect all its citizens.:”
        Hungary is resisting the EU’s idea of forced resettlement of migrants and the lack of terror threats within the country is proof this is the correct course.
        Hungary is providing a neutral site for the Israeli Football team to play 2 qualifying games in November since they obviously cannot play in Israel.
        Hungary is now and hopefully will remain a bit of tranquility in this ocean of hate and turmoil.

        Beliefs, worldviews, religions MATTER in the scheme of things.
        Progressivism (which is a religion) doesn’t think so.

    JohnSmith100 in reply to oldschooltwentysix. | November 12, 2023 at 6:42 pm

    France lookin to expel Muslims, the government says the measure would strengthen and accelerate the process for deporting foreigners who are regarded as serious threat.

Maybe they can trot out Islamic Rage Boy. I’m sure he is up for another peaceful demonstration.

England is done, their diversity goal has got them a religion covering as a 1 government and personal rule submit to Islam.

    Tiki in reply to Skip. | November 12, 2023 at 5:16 pm

    One could denounce us in the same manner. Our unmitigated immigration being our undoing. It’s a weird and unwarranted triumphalism; like it proves how stupid ordinary British are – to gloat over the culture war going poorly for people in the UK.

    Ordinary English, Scots, Welsh and Irish did not approve being invaded by Middle Eastern colonialists. The power elite foisted it upon them.

    Like we’ve got it better here. As if we’ve reined in, and defeated, the Woke Red Guard. Hardly so. But we deserve it…

    Like we’ve not seen phascist university students ripping down Israeli kidnap posters or snapping off American flags from lightpoles. Muslim protesters wearing nazi shawls from NYC to LA shouting nazi slogans.

    smooth in reply to Skip. | November 13, 2023 at 4:15 am

    The black flag of islam flies over london. Open borders lefties are smiling.

Make Vlad Dracul great again.

    markm in reply to LB1901. | November 16, 2023 at 8:38 pm

    Vlad the Impaler: The last Christian who would have made a “proportional response” to gang rape and mass murder.

When pols and police kneel to the mob, who is left to do the fighting? The ‘wrong people’ who like Trump were right all along.

    Eric R. in reply to Whitewall. | November 12, 2023 at 4:27 pm

    The pols and the police share the Muslims’ hatred of Jews. They don’t stop them because they agree with them.

      It’s how the “good Germans” behaved until it was too late to act otherwise. The Metpoliceuk leadership bureaucracy are captured by Woke revolutionaries, the rank and file police are partly captured by LBGQT fifth columnists. The now infamous vicious lesbian female “bobby” seen running about like a Yorky snapping and snarling and pepper spraying “rightwing” men.

All of this stems, originally, from the “Wold Peace” movement which originated around World War I. It became an axiom, propagated by the Communist Internationale that Nationalism is the root cause of wars. Spread through the universities of Europe was the belief that if borders were eliminated there would be no reason to fight. The Germans naturally did not help opponents of this concept by their devotion to the Lebensraum argument… in TWO wars. It’s also interesting to note that the United States were held up as an example of the open borders between states (or countries).

This is the idea behind the E.U. – an emulation of the U.S. system- but amplified by Brussels to essentially de facto eliminate external borders to the E.U. as well. The reason for this, “nod, nod, wink, wink” approach cannot just be blamed on ideologue Liberals but cynical Capitalists are also guilty – both businesses in the U.S. (Latin American workers) and Germany (Turkish workers) have benefited greatly from cheap imported foreign labor.

Unfortunately, liberalism has been in ascendance in the E.U. and the U.S. for of past 25 years or so, and the connection between illegal immigration and useful laborers got lost. However, the “borders” cause wars” belief mixed with the “all cultures are of equal worth” got stronger at a time of cheap and easy travel. Thus the African and Middle-Eastern immigration got out of control.

The lesson that apparently has to be relearned from the Middle Ages (when borders were also more conceptual than physical) is that Cultural Differences are also causes for war, albeit civil and guerrilla/terrorist war.

I believe that the world is in for 50 to 100 years of religious/wars, and I fear that the cultural institutions of the West have degenerated too much to form a real resistance. The Vandals are inside the Empire and occupying Rome.

Self loathing leftie jews like george soros have supported uncontrolled immigration of muslims to EU.

Now they see the consequences.

    It’s not just Jews or Soros, not even close. So why mention both together?

    Milhouse in reply to smooth. | November 12, 2023 at 9:49 pm

    They don’t loathe themselves. They only loathe Jews to whom being Jewish is actually important, and consists of more than simply not celebrating Xmas.

      caseoftheblues in reply to Milhouse. | November 13, 2023 at 7:00 am

      Maybe self loathing doesn’t quite encompass what is going on but there is clinical pathology present to support , aid, and defend those who want you dead, want you and your culture destroyed. And yes it possible that hatred of self, hatred of what culture that created you, could be at the root of it.

        There is something odd about how the world perceives Jews. Whatever their condition, they are hated for it. I think it was Douglas Murray who said, (paraphrasing) “If they are poor, they are hated for being poor. So they become rich. And they are hated for becoming rich. They were hated for not being religious enough. They became more religious, and they were hated for that. They were hated after WW2 for being stateless, so they established a state, and they are hated for that. They were hated for being defenseless, and now that they are strong, they are hated for that.” As he rattled these off, I was astonished that I knew that stuff but never made the connection.

        Why does the world treat only the Jews this way? Is it true the Muslim world generally hates Israel only because it exists?

        The mindset of the West is that there is common ground that we can use to broker deals with people like Hamas, Hezbollah, the PA, and Iran. If they celebrate death the way we celebrate life, what common ground can there be?

    Peter Floyd in reply to smooth. | November 13, 2023 at 9:14 am

    Soros is a declared anti-semite and NAZI disguised as a Jew when it assists him. The one good result of this blatant, horrific antisemitism is that it will wake up a few of the fat cat Jewish donors to realize they have been building an American Auschwitz. The same students and howling demonstrators maynext be knocking on their doors tna sending them to “work camps.”

      Soros is a secular, cultural Jew, of Jewish heritage. Not a religious Jew. The problem with the term “Jew” (as in belonging to the tribe then kingdom of Judah) is that it encompasses all three aspects: culture, ancestry, and religion. When we say someone is a Christian, usually that implies some religious component. Same with Muslim or Buddist (sp?). But for Jewish it may not mean that. so I think we need to be careful to qualify what we mean.

      Am I way off base here? I’m willing to be schooled in the reality if I am.

It’s absured to believe that Westen countries would not start to emulate the countries of the migrants, which have not changed at all from the exchange.

The demands are just starting, and there will be violence if rejected. It will be interesting the response. What a mess, Europe. What a lesson, America.

Most Europeans are absolutely in sympathy with these Islamonazis when it comes to Jews – they want Israel gone and the Jews dead.

They are just outsourcing the Second Holocaust this time to Iran and the Islamofascists.

We let these morons come to our countries from the Middle East where every country is ruled by a dictator, king or a religious and thought they would respect western civilization. They don’t. They are bringing their chaos and death societies to us. To save ourselves and western civilization we must kick them out and back to the Middle East. Let them go back to living like animals.

Must be a source of great shame to most British that police allow Palestinian flags waving on Armistice/Remembrance day but not British flags because it might upset the Muslims to violence. This is what Muslim immigration has reduced Britain to. A lesson to the West. Muslim immigration to the West must end – a matter of survival.

    I really think the Rubicon has been crossed and it is already too late. When the national flag is torn down and replaced by a Palestinian flag as in NYC and when on one of the most important days in the UK, Remembrance Day, veterans were told better to not wear regimental medals, etc while enroute, when the Cenotaph had to be protected, when the police admit to being outnumbered, then it should be getting clear as to where the power is. Whether the UK, the US or the EU, wherever there are concentrations of muslims in the West then trouble is inevitable.

    because it might upset the Muslims to violence
    Yeah, we wouldn’t want anyone to upset them by saying they’re violent.

EU cities turning into 3rd world ghettos overnight, filled with muslim riots in the streets.

Open borders lefties are smiling, george soros would sell his own grandmother to hamas.

The Hypocrisy of the Anti-Israel Chorus Is Beyond Comprehension and Reflects Liberal Madness Combined with Hatred of Jews and All People of Faith for After They Destroy The Jews we Are Next on Satan’s Menu.

Russia: The Civilian Population of Ukraine can be bombed but Gaza Can’t.
Turkey: 4 million Arabs aka Palestinians have a right to their own state, but 40 million Kurds do not.
Egypt: We are concerned about the Palentinans but we will not let them in because many of them are terrorists.
Houthis in Yemen: Our nation is in total devastation but we will fight Israel using resources needed to feed our own people.
Western Leftists and LGBTQ+ activists: We support HAMAS but we can’t go there and help because he would kill us just like they would kill an Israeli LGBTQ.
HANMAS: We don’t take care of the people of Gaza.We need them as shields and the UN can take care of them.

But Israel and the Jews are to blame for everything.

I’m sure I just scratched the surface on my list of hypocrisies. Please add to it.

“Israel’s Response To October 7 Massacre Triggers Virulent Antisemitic Pro-Hamas Demonstrations Across Europe”

Israel’s response to being attacked didn’t trigger a damned thing. The demonstrators were looking for an excuse to be knuckle-draggers they are. Since when is self-defense a trigger?

one of the Israel-haters reportedly broke into the house
Well, if that happened here, I’d expect police to be arriving shortly to take the resident’s statement and cart off the deceased Israel-hater. Except, of course, in the places where fundamentalist Progressivism has taken hold.

“Ahead of Saturday’s pro-Hamas march, the London police apparently remove the Union Jacks from national war memorial.”

Why don’t you hand them your swords, too, you cowards?
Ah, I forget… your masters don’t trust you with swords.