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Illinois Giving Chicago $160 Million for Migrant Crisis

Illinois Giving Chicago $160 Million for Migrant Crisis

Mayor Brandon Johnson wants to instill a 60-day stay limit at shelters.

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker announced the state will give Chicago $160 million to help alleviate the migrant crisis.

The $160 million from the state will go to “an intake center, a winterized tent shelter and other assistance aimed at addressing the bottlenecks keeping migrants from resettling.”

Pritzker said: “To get people off of the streets as we head into winter, the state of Illinois will invest an additional $160 million via the Department of Human Services, specifically to address these bottlenecks.”

This is how the city has to split the money:

  • $65 million for winterized tent shelter for 2,000 migrants for six months.
  • $30 million for the intake center.
  • $65 million for legal and support services for new migrants.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson’s budget passed on Wednesday, which includes $150 million for migrant arrivals.

The city said $150 million is “less than half of an estimated cost needed” for the crisis.

I guess the $160 million will barely put them over the needed amount.

So $310 million? Imagine what that money could have helped if Chicago hadn’t declared itself a sanctuary city.

The city has received around 25,000 migrants since last year.

Johnson already announced a 60-day limit stay at shelters for migrants because it applies pressure “on all levels of government to help move with some expedition to get people to work.”

Johnson did not provide many details. Some sources said the city could extend the stay if the person is trying to find housing and work.


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Well at least it’s only tax money out of illinois. I’d be seriously pissed off if they started using federal tax money I do feel sorry for 95% of the state of

A cargo plane to drop them out of would be cheaper

Because the State of Illinois is so good at handling our tax dollars /s/

What they really need is to air dropped in North Korea and Iran. Maybe some into Russia, They do need cannon fodder right now,

Illinois is bankrupt.

The unfunded public pension debt is overwhelming!

Jelly Belly’s (Pritzker) plan must be for Uncle Sam to reimburse Illinois.

$65 million here, $65 million there. Spendthrifts. If only a few bucks could be set aside for homeless vets.

These “refugess” were supposed to be people fleeing persecution. Some now want to go home. How many would follow if offered a real chance?

So Illinois is spending $5400 a month per migrant to put them in tents.

Are these people insane?

There is no law in America

They just flaunt it in our faces now

No charges against Biden but President Trump? Can not make this up

It’s past time for a revolution, somehow we cowered and missed the deadline

How many illegals can be deported for $160 million?

    nordic prince in reply to Whitewall. | November 17, 2023 at 12:31 am

    $160M is a lot of bus tickets.

    Disgusted in reply to Whitewall. | November 17, 2023 at 8:08 am

    Expedia says a one way ticket from Chicago to Honduras is $111. So you could afford to ship 1.4 million illegals back to Honduras for $160 million (I suspect it would cost less if you did a deal for 1 million illegals). Not a bad start! And certainly a better use of $160 million.

Why not just remain in mexico instead? Its cheaper.

Correction: the money is not from Illinois, it’s from ILLINOIS TAXPAYERS.


It wasn’t too long ago we heard arguments from Dem politicians like Pelosi favoring slack immigration enforcement that illegal immigration was a net gain for the economy. Now every blue state that’s getting a trickle from the illegal immigrant flood is squealing like a stuck pig over the cost.

Pritzker likely has shares in the tent and awning businesses

It’s where he buys his clothes