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CRT and ESG Go Hand-in-Hand at Top Business Schools, Study Shows

CRT and ESG Go Hand-in-Hand at Top Business Schools, Study Shows rolls out new database of Top 10 Ranked U.S. Business Schools: “It is no surprise that ESG goes hand-in-hand with CRT at business schools. While the two doctrines are distinct, each seeks to subvert its host for ideological purposes.”, a project of the Legal Insurrection Foundation, has unique and unparalleled interactive maps and databases demonstrating how Critical Race Theory and its progeny, such as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and Ibram Kendi’s misnamed “anti-racism,” have deeply penetrated every corner of academia. The racialization of education is all but complete.

We now cover over 700 institutions covering Higher EducationElite K-12Military Service Academies, Veterinary Schools. Perhaps our flagship database covers Medical Schools. The databases have been covered over 150 times by other media.

Our latest database rollout is the Top Ten Ranked U.S. Business Schools.

Fox Business covered the rollout, Some of America’s future business leaders inundated with critical race theory in school, study says

Some of America’s future business leaders are being inundated with critical race theory (CRT) and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), according to the founder of

“The embrace by top business schools of CRT and its ideological offshoots, such as DEI and so-called ‘anti-racism,’ reflects how deeply the racialization of education has advanced, including in professional schools. There is almost no place in the education system, from K-12 to professional schools, that has been left unscathed by racial demonization,” founder William A. Jacobson told Fox News Digital., which monitors CRT curricula and training in higher education, has expanded its database to include the top 10 business schools in the country. The research found that nine of the 10 schools offer CRT/DEI-related training or coursework. However, it is mandatory in six of the prestigious institutions.

“CRT and its offshoots tear at the fabric of society, pitting people against each other based on group identity. If you wanted to tear this country apart, what would you do differently than pit people against each other based on race and ethnicity? It’s sad that even business schools have fallen prey to these ideologies,” Jacobson said. …

The subjects of mandatory trainings and coursework are worded differently by institution, using terms such as “anti-racism,” “cultural competency,” “DEI,” “equity,” implicit bias/anti-bias,” and CRT, among other terminologies. The study also found that four of the 10 schools have offered materials by left-wing authors Robin DiAngelo or Ibram Kendi, whose books explicitly call for discrimination, according to Jacobson.

Last year, the group uncovered that 58 of the 100 most prestigious medical colleges and universities have some form of mandatory CRT-related student training or coursework.

“The ideological capture of business schools may not be as extensive as in medical schools, but it is still dangerous. We see that corporate Human Resources departments have become advocates of racial preferences in the name of DEI,” Jacobson said. “It is no coincidence that corporations are subjecting employees to the types of race shaming and guilt-by-association training that started on campuses. That rising business leaders are being trained in this ideology is a bad omen for the future of non-discrimination in business.”

Many future business leaders are also taught by people who have been trained in CRT and/or DEI-related practices, as six of the 10 schools mandate training for faculty and staff. details the exact curricula and training at each school, along with contact information and an overview of every institution.

Of the 10 schools currently in the business school database, at least seven institutions were found to have some form of initiative exploring the topics of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) or sustainability.

“It is no surprise that ESG goes hand-in-hand with CRT at business schools. While the two doctrines are distinct, each seeks to subvert its host for ideological purposes. In the case of CRT and its offshoots, the purpose is to deconstruct society to replace a constitutional focus on individual rights with a group identity construct. With ESG, the purpose is to replace traditional shareholder economic value with political value. In both cases, it represents an ideological perversion of education,” Jacobson said.

I also appeared with James Varney to discuss the findings:

Transcript (auto-generated, may contain transcription errors)

Varney (00:00):

A new study found this, found that some of America’s future business leaders are being inundated with critical race theory. That theory suggests that all of our institutions are racist and simply continue the oppression. Cornell University professor Bill Jacobson joins me now. Tell me how entrenched is this CRT critical race theory in business schools?

WAJ (00:23):

We found that 90% of the top 10 business schools, and that was our survey, the top 10 ranked, so the most influential, have some sort of programming and about 60% have mandatory programming. So it’s fairly entrenched. It reflects what’s also happening in medical schools and higher education. Business schools have not been spared.

Varney (00:43):

Does it affect business students? I mean, they come out with what kind of view?

WAJ (00:50):

Well, we don’t know what view they’ll come out with, but we know what they’re being taught and they’re being pushed to adopt a racialized view of society. A society that is systemically racist, that there’s all sorts of hidden racism wherever you go in society. So they’re being pushed into a very radicalized position that has potential implications for our society because these are the people who are going to run corporations. And as we’ve seen, the college graduates go on and they turn their corporations into just as woke as they were in college. So I think this is a real threat to the business environment that is existing, and one that is underappreciated.

Varney (01:31):

I remember hearing stories of white students having to stand up and confess their privilege. That kind of thing happens. Does it?

WAJ (01:41):

I don’t know if that’s happened in the business schools, but absolutely. Those have been documented. People have recorded them, people have taken photos of them. So a lot of the programming that goes on is not meant to lift everybody up. It’s meant to shame people based on the color of their skin. There’s no question that that goes on. I can’t say whether it’s going on in these specific business school courses.

Varney (02:03):

Where did this CRT idea come from?

WAJ (02:07):

Well, it was about 30, almost 40 years in the making. It developed from what’s called Critical Legal Theory. And it’s a theory that our system is inherently corrupt. That the legal aspects of our society are meant to reinforce these systems of power. And sometime in the late 1980s, people began to substitute race for the old Marxist class analysis. So CRT is basically the Marxist class analysis substituting race for class. And it’s been something that’s caught on and it really started on the campuses and now it’s moved outward.

Varney (02:43):

What a story. Professor Jacobson, thanks very much for being with us this morning. Would love to see you again on this subject.


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ThePrimordialOrderedPair | November 17, 2023 at 7:26 pm

Ibram Kendi’s misnamed “anti-racism,”

“Affirmative Action” was already taken and he didn’t think that “Affirmative Racism’ would fly. Little did he know that we’d see retarded savagery in America as we do, now, with all of these shameless, lowlife hamas accolytes proudly announcing their love of fatwas against Jews and the West.

    Part of the problem is that conservatives let progressive fascists spew lies without any counter arguments. They claim that systemic racism prevents blacks from being successful in the USA. We need to get them to explain how that happens. To be successful in the USA requires the following steps:

    Get an education
    Obey the law and respect others
    Get a job so you can. Support yourself and your family.

    How is it that racism prevents blacks from accomplishing these goals?

    The truth is that racism has nothing to do with failing to achieve these goals. It’s the ghetto gangster culture that many blacks embrace that causes them to make poor life choices and fail to achieve success in the USA.

      henrybowman in reply to ConradCA. | November 17, 2023 at 9:46 pm

      “Part of the problem is that conservatives let progressive fascists spew lies without any counter arguments.”
      Because, as we all know, conservatives control the mainstream media, and they just “let” such things happen.

        CommoChief in reply to henrybowman. | November 18, 2023 at 7:50 am

        To be fair alt/new media does exist and has been used by the center/right to push back. Talk radio and Rush Limbaugh was an early example. National Review in the early years founded by Buckley to give a center/right voice in the media wilderness. Then came blogs like LI. Now X(Twitter), YouTube and other online venues play a role in offering an alternative to the chosen narratives of the establishment and legacy media.

      Suzzzabelle in reply to ConradCA. | November 20, 2023 at 3:42 pm

      I could not agree more!! Refusing to admit the failure of their own culture, they are always looking for someone to blame. That someone is The White Man. Notice it’s never the Asians or the Indians or the Hispanics complaining. They are too busy working and getting ahead. Tons and tons and tons of money has been thrown at this “problem”. And now, a get out jail free card. It’s such a farce. I’m sick and tired of it. The Democrats, who’ve been helping them with their “problem” for decades, are only too willing to continue the lies.

Ibram Kendi is a document racist who blames all his problems in life on white people. CRT is such a fraud.

There will be NO REPARATIONS.

ThePrimordialOrderedPair | November 17, 2023 at 7:32 pm

Just the fact that marxism is being taught at business schools, at all, tells you all you need to know.

ESG is such a fraud. Shareholders should sue.

    Suzzzabelle in reply to smooth. | November 20, 2023 at 3:46 pm

    It would only take a couple of huge successful suits to create a precedent. I wonder why shareholders don’t sue? Disney? Anheuser Busch? Target? Their shareholders are ok with their returns?

I would like to start a movement to get people to go to any college near them and take pictures of the books for sale in the campus store and then post them on their social media. Would this be legal to do? We were shocked to see what was being sold in our local jr. college in our small, very conservative town. I’d say 95% or more were the CRT, DEI, etc books. There was one lone Bible and books about one or two conservative past presidents. Seeing what was being sold in the campus store gave us a pretty good idea of what was most likely being taught in the classes. Parents who are paying for their young people to attend any type of college needs to know what is being taught there. Would people get in trouble for taking the photos and posting them along with the name of the schools? Anyone have any real legal knowledge about this?

FOTin1943 | November 20, 2023 at 1:14 pm

This same awful and evil agenda is playing out at the USA’s military, naval and air force academies — its proponents have been infiltrating everywhere. Day after day, doing their worst to promote divisiveness!

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