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Captured Hamas Terrorists Admit Hoarding Weapons and Explosives in Gaza’s Shifa Hospital, Other Medical Facilities

Captured Hamas Terrorists Admit Hoarding Weapons and Explosives in Gaza’s Shifa Hospital, Other Medical Facilities

IDF: “In the building, Hamas’ explosives and operational plans were found right next to a children’s bedroom.”

As the Israeli military approaches Hamas’s headquarters located inside the Gaza City’s Shifa Hospital, the Islamic terror group believes that the IDF will not strike the site, the interrogation of terrorists captured on October 7 reveals.

The nabbed terrorists, who took part in the last month’s massacre of Israelis, admitted under interrogation that Hamas was exploiting Israel’s consideration for civilians lives to use Gaza’s largest hospital, which houses more than 500 beds, for storing weapons and explosives as well as hiding its terrorist top brass as they direct attacks on IDF ground forces and order rocket barrages against Israeli civilians.

Detailing the confession of captured Hamas terrorists, the Israeli news website Ynet reported last Friday:

Last week, the IDF and Shin Bet released footage from interrogations of two terrorists who infiltrated Israel on October 7 and provided further evidence of Hamas operatives using hospitals in the Gaza Strip, and particularly Shifa, to shield themselves from IDF strikes.

During his interrogation, Omar Abu Rusha, a member of Hamas’s elite Nukhba force, was asked about the connection between hospitals in Gaza and the Palestinian enclave’s vast system of subterranean tunnels, to which he responded, “most of them are hidden in the hospitals. (At) Shifa for example (the hospital), there are underground levels… Shifa is not small, it is a big place that can be used to hide things.”

Abu Rusha is then asked by the interrogator about why Hamas was using medical institutions, such as hospitals and clinics, for protection, to which he answered, “you won’t strike them.”

He explains that Hamas is taking advantage of the fact that Israel won’t strike hospitals to smuggle “explosives, weapons, food, medical equipment” for their operatives. “I told you, Shifa is a safe place, it will not be struck. To them it is safe, that’s what we know.”

Abu Rusha also expressed criticism of Hamas when asked about the fuel situation in Gaza. “First, they take care of their own cars and jeeps and then distribute them to the people. They refuel from full containers for themselves,” he said.

Israeli troops fighting their way through terrorist-infested northern Gaza are also discovering Hamas’s utter disregard for Palestinian lives as they uncover more and more terrorist infrastructure embedded within and beneath Gaza’s residential areas.

IDF uncovers Hamas weapons factory next to kids’ bedroom

On Thursday, the Israeli military captured a Hamas drone and weapons factory adjacent to kids’ bedroom in northern Gaza. “IDF soldiers discovered a Hamas weapons manufacturing and storage facility used to produce and store UAVs and weapons. The site was located in a residential building, in close proximity to schools in the center of the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood in northern Gaza,” the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) disclosed in a statement. “In the building, Hamas’ explosives and operational plans were found right next to a children’s bedroom.”

The weapons factory and depot, which contained explosives and bombs, was located near a school. “The Israel Defense Forces says the building, in Gaza City’s Sheikh Radwan neighborhood, is located next to a school,” the Times of Israel noted. “Footage shows troops finding several Hamas drones in the building, as well as equipment used to manufacture them, and instructions to make explosive devices. It says troops also recovered a number of bombs at the site.”

Another Hamas terror commander bites the dust

With Israeli tanks and ground troops operating in urban areas of northern Gaza, Hamas terrorists are using the vast tunnel network to fire mortars and anti-tank missiles at them. The IDF has responded by taking out several terror commanders directing these attacks. On Thursday, an Israeli air strike killed another Hamas commander responsible for attacks on IDF ground troops.

An IDF press release on Thursday disclosed:

Based on ISA and IDF intelligence, an IDF fighter jet killed Ibrahim Abu-Maghsib, Head of Hamas’ Anti-Tank Missile Unit in the Central Camps Brigade. As part of his position, Maghsib directed and carried out numerous anti-tank missile launches directed at Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers.

As part of the assistance to ground forces, Israeli Navy forces struck Hamas anti-tank missile launching posts used to attack IDF troops in the Gaza Strip.

Report: IDF agrees to four-hour daily ‘humanitarian pauses’ under Biden Admin pressure

Media reports on Thursday suggest that the Biden White House has succeeding in pressuring Israeli into allowing 4-hour ‘daily pauses’ in its ongoing ground offensive against terror group Hamas. Despite Hamas mortar and anti-tank strikes on Israeli troops securing the evacuation of Gazans from combat zone, the IDF has been pausing its operations to help civilians leave for safer areas in the south.

The Associated Press reported Thursday:

The White House said Israel has agreed to put in place four-hour daily humanitarian pauses in its assault on Hamas in northern Gaza starting on Thursday, as the Biden administration said it has secured a second pathway for civilians to flee fighting.

President Joe Biden had asked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to institute the daily pauses during a Monday call. U.S. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said that the first humanitarian pause would be announced Thursday and that the Israelis had committed to announcing each four-hour window at least three hours in advance. Israel, he said, also was opening a second corridor for civilians to flee the areas that are the current focus of its military campaign against Hamas, with a coastal road joining the territory’s main north-south highway.


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Can’t Israel just gas the tunnels? Doesn’t have to be lethal gas either.

Where does the koran say that muslim civilians should be used as human shields??

How is that “martyrdom” ??

    Peabody in reply to smooth. | November 9, 2023 at 12:15 pm

    Not willing to die for the faith—would rather have women and children to die in their place. That’s what happens when you give too much foreign aid, they get used to living the good life and don’t want to be martyrs any more.

Interesting to see them admit their war crimes. Not that I expect anybody to take them to task or that the media would report on such a thing.

    henrybowman in reply to Ironclaw. | November 9, 2023 at 10:27 pm

    They admit it so matter of factly that I have to wonder whether they are even allowed to be aware of the existence of things like the Geneva Convention that explicitly outlaw what they are doing. They talk about it proudly, like it is a clever war strategy that they, and only they, have had the insight to innovate.

beautifulruralPA | November 9, 2023 at 11:47 am

Very interesting (and to me, surprising) demeanor in these men. No attempt to qualify their answers or hedge on anything.
Certainly hoping that the hospital has already been searched and seized, would love to have all those guys taken care of.

(Did I say having more info out there about the horrific use of civilians to protect “men” is a good thing)

The only remedy for this cowardly position is to take the hospital with boots on the ground and then destroy the tunnels beneath the hospital. It is obvious to all that Israel cannot bomb a hospital no matter its use. It must be taken by the IDF soldiers and then go from there. If it were a mosque, a warning could be issued to evacuate it before bombing it but a hospital cannot be evacuated. Only vermin would use the sick and wounded as a shield!

At what point can we stop calling these Hamas command and control centers “hospitals”?