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Anti-Israel Activists Throw Smoke Bombs and Red Paint At Home of AIPAC President

Anti-Israel Activists Throw Smoke Bombs and Red Paint At Home of AIPAC President

If you thought they would stop with ripping down hostage posters or blocking traffic, you have not been paying attention. When they say “Globalize the Intifada” they mean it.

Protesting at someone’s home is crossing a boundary. It’s an act of intimidation. It’s an implied (and sometimes express) threat.

We’ve seen leftist activists repeatedly cross that boundary, including at the homes of conservative Supreme Court Justices. The publication of Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home address for the purpose of such home protests led to an assassination attempt.

AIPAC (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee) is hated by those who oppose Israel because it is so effective at exercising the constitutional right guaranteed in the First Amendment, “to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” In modern political terms, that’s called lobbying. It’s legal and it’s a guaranteed right.

“The Israel Lobby” is a favorite insult hurled by the anti-Israel left and the far smaller anti-Israel right. But “The Israel Lobby” actually is the American people, a point I have made many times. AIPAC is so effective because it operates in an environment in which there is deep support for Israel.

AIPAC is a membership group. I’ve seen varying numbers as to members, from “over 100,000” to “over 3 million.” Regardless, it’s a large organization. But it’s not anywhere near the list of top lobbying spenders. It’s effective because its cause is popular and it can mobilize people far in excess of its membership or its own spending.

AIPAC, through a related policial action committee, has targeted anti-Israel congressional representatives.

For 2024 AIPAC is targeting  The Squad. It does so not by organizing threats at Squad members homes, but by supporting political challengers. AIPAC also promotes pro-Israel American policies, including with regard to Israel’s response to Hamas’ October 7 Massacre.

The President of AIPAC does not appear to be a full time position. The organization is run by an Executive Director. But the AIPAC President Michael Tuchin has been targeted at his home in Brentwood, California (part of greater L.A.)

It’s not clear if this is the group that perpetrated the attack.


These videos appear to show someone – not clear if it is the AIPAC president – confronting protesters on his driveway as smoke filled the air.

If you thought they would stop with ripping down hostage posters or blocking traffic, you have not been paying attention. When they say “Globalize the Intifada” they mean it.


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Pro Israel protesters should show up disguised as Palestinians supporters with faces covered and disrupt these clowns with bear spray and skunk spray.

Leave the anti Israel gang with a pungent reminder of the event.

    JohnSmith100 in reply to Mauiobserver. | November 24, 2023 at 12:39 am

    I was a scrawny kid nerd being bullied, after the principal told me I would have to take my lumps, I put ammonia in a squirt gun and sprayed the little prick who had been jumping me a few times a week for over 3 years. Then I took out my rage on him.

    At the time all I wanted was to be left alone, I did not want to fight. That changed as I matured.

    Ammonia is cheap and very effective. I suggest super soakers for these punks.

So, they weren’t there to cause damage, but to instill fear to the people in the home (and neighborhood.) Gosh, I wish there was a word for that…

Wow. These Islamophobic reactionaries are getting out of hand, intimidating people in their homes.

I’d stock up on paintball guns. Paint my property, I’ll paint yours… hard.

ThePrimordialOrderedPair | November 24, 2023 at 1:02 am

This is why “Trespassers Will Be Shot” was the correct policy.

Private property is sacrosanct.

The wealthy leftists living in Brentwood think there’s a invisible forcefield protecting them from the outside world. Riots only happen in Watts or Compton, never in Brentwood. Hoboes.never push overburdened, garbage-filled, grocery carts down their quiet, residential streets at 11pm.

My response would be placing my $2000 stereo speakers in open windows and crank Sex Pistols God Save the Queen, then sit on the front porch with a garden shovel. (Earplugs)

That’s vandalism, prosecute and press charges to the fullest extent of the law

This is more proof that these so called protesters are 21st Century Nazis why are prosecutors not tracing who pats the protesters for such vandalism?

I was recently reminded that during the LA Watts riots no Korean businesses were vandalized. They were not vandalized because they armed themselves to protect their property. If it worked for the Koreans . . . .

Terrorists, and should be treated accordingly!

They are islamic terrorists. Lock them up at gitmo.

    Dolce Far Niente in reply to smooth. | November 24, 2023 at 10:56 am

    I’ll bet they’re no such thing. While not denying we have imported plenty of islamic terrorists, these will be the same rent-a-mob emotive leftist progressives that practiced their craft as Occupy Wall Street, BLM and antifa; all violence, all the time.

    Quite a bit in common with mohameddan terrorists, but home grown. NPCs ready to kill for the Latest Thing.

The Real Truth | November 24, 2023 at 2:21 pm

I believe a lot of these so-called “Protestors” are being PAID to be in these disgraceful protests. I would not be a bit surprised if George Soros was involved in these protests. He hates America, is an Atheist, and has Billions to throw around.

“When they say “Globalize the Intifada” they mean it.”

Not really. The Israels shot back and arrested terrorists. I suspect they would become very silent if that happened.