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American U. Students Demand Faculty Inject ‘Pro-Palestine’ Sentiments in Coursework

American U. Students Demand Faculty Inject ‘Pro-Palestine’ Sentiments in Coursework

In other words, make sure you add anti-Israel and antisemitism in your classes.

The American University students also demanded a “Jewish Voice for Peace” chapter and divest from Israel.

When anyone says “pro-Palestine” or “Palestine,” you know they really mean anti-Israel and anti-Jew:

The School of International Service’s Garrett Graddy-Lovelace (pictured), a faculty advisor for the AU Antiracist Research & Policy Center, said university officials “should show outward support for Arab, Muslim and specifically Palestinian students.”

Graddy-Lovelace, who talks about farming’s “racist roots” in one of her school’s podcasts, added “[T]he fact that University leadership isn’t acknowledging [the “outright genocide” of the Palestinians] is troubling, to say the least.”

A member of the student group Students for Change expanded on that sentiment, advocating for professors to “connect the situation in Gaza to their coursework.”

As American U. courses “often require students to ‘learn and write about resisting colonialism, racism, sexism, classism, homophobia and many other ‘-isms’ that permeate our world,’” the student said “I ask you, how can you be radical if you only support decolonization in your writing and not in your practice?”

On its Instagram page, Students for Change said it is “working against harmful power dynamics” with regards to AU’s Muslim students, and stated the current situation is “not a war” and “not symmetrical” but “a [Palestinian] genocide.”


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A more intellectually honest title for this group would be Young Nazis of American U

M.I.T. has put interim restrictions on all students who did not leave the Buldimg 7 lobby when told to do so (a process that has commonly been used in the past for other policy violations, it was not made up for this occasion) and has referred their cases to the Committee On Discipline for final disposition. That is the prescribed procedure. They may very well yet be suspended or expelled. Time will tell.